Making A Home

That is what we worked on today, turning our perfect shell into a home.

Lily and I got pretty dusty today watching and helping her daddy start to really create a safe and beautiful home to stay in. First he dug holes and set almost all the fence posts so that we can make a safe place for Lily to play outside. Then the power tools arrived and he started on my kitchen. It is going to be a thing of beauty, a real joy to make good nourishing food in. It is his own design, I asked for little details like how high I wanted the counters and shelves, and how big I wanted my work top. The rest is all him, and it is looking perfect for my taste so far.

I have discovered however, that I have no idea how I will stay ahead of the dirt from outside that is intent on coming inside. Eventually I think a deck out front and maybe even the back as well, just to allow more time for the sand to fall off the shoes/toes before they come inside. That and endless sweeping should take away the beach like appearance of our home.

Spent another day in class, studying Biochemical and Genetic Variability and other factors that effect our health regarding diet in a crude sense and total health for a broader explanation. The new discoveries that are being made and the ground that is being broken and explored is huge. There is one map that is being created that is how all the minerals/vitamins you intake work with enzymes/hormones and other parts that help to make up you and their complicated relationships. No longer is it simply a matter of looking at amounts of these life giving nutrients but now it seems to attain optimum health we need to look at the multilevel relationships between them all in relation to individual you! It is a bit daunting to say the least but at least we have a map and with time and perseverance I think magical things can happen. We even discussed how the genetic code is not as concrete as originally thought and that genes can be switched on and off to varying degrees with foods, or fuels to differentiate between eating well and eating for optimal health. Thankfully it was a two day intensive program and now I get to go and let the information that was passed to us ‘marinade’ if you will, in my mind.

It is exciting to know that every time  I get close to thinking, ‘yep, I got this sorted’ I realise, one end of understanding is just the launching point for the next level of understanding. It is never ending! 🙂 I have asked Denis to build me a study nook at the window in our bedroom when he is done the kitchen, a place for me to sit comfortably and let my mind be expanded beyond what I know, to where I am going.

It is time to turn in again, tonight there is a storm rumbling around and periodically lighting up our room, while the rain softly pitter patters down on the dry earth. Lily is fast asleep after her big day of exploring and helping her daddy and I am lost in thoughts and the excitement of anticipation for my future. As always, life is good, I feel blessed.



South Africa

We have been here for a week, and it feels like home.

Tomorrow we should get to move into our cottage that will be our home for the next year, and I am so excited for that. It is in a wild state right now, that land itself being a little less than baby proof, and the house having a few basics missing, like the kitchen is not really installed yet, there are no sitting areas and the mattresses are on the floor resting on the plastic they came in. But still it is home, our home, and I love it.

The area we are in, in South Africa is beyond words in physical beauty, the community is warm and fun with a Saturday farmer’s market that is world class. This is the kind of place where years will disappear like a morning mist, having us looking back thinking ‘wow, has it really been X years?’

School is underway again for me, I am continuing my studies and have figured out how to attend lectures even with our basic living situation. Next step is to get the practice up and running, and really see about reaching out to people in different ways.

Lily is thriving so far, she loves being outside, so much so that she will happily sit alone (or so it would appear from her stand point) watching the world go by for longer than she will ever play with toys inside. Because of this, one of our first outside projects is to make safe our area for Lily. We are surrounded by lots and lots of wild space so we are going to make a little fenced yard all around our house for her. In a month or two when we start looking for a puppy, it will help keep the puppy from getting lost or into trouble too.

Wildlife, Denis has seen monkeys but I have not, we have both seen tortoises and lots of wonderful birds, including fisher eagles that are nesting on the property. Plus we have had bats in the house for a few night this week, they are very small and in my opinion very cute, they love mosquitoes as their main food as well so I would like a few as pets. Might make them a bat house outside our cottage though, they poop a lot.

Speaking of poop, our diet is the best ever and our systems are having a bit of a ‘clean out’ in response but I feel really good, have lost the belly bloat already, and have less fuzz in my head. The phlegm has gone from my throat too as we have not been consuming dairy like we were. I don’t miss the crap, the chocolates, the pastas, the bread, ice cream and so on, well I don’t think about it most of the time but writing it I think… humm, a little ice cream would be nice. Overall though, I think we are on a new phase of our life and better regimen is part of it. We are ready.

Until tomorrow,




Visas, Pigeons and Moving

Time flew by. Six months come and gone and we are on to the next phase of our life.

Canada was fantastic, hard, full of love and at times gut wrenching loss. I feel a bit like a broken record, everywhere we go there are highs and lows. Each place has a jewel in the rough for us to mine out and polish. It is the polishing of this hypothetical jewel with our faces that can cause the hurt. We heal fast though and are ready for the next adventure. We are not who we were when we met, when we started on this path and we like where we are going.

Today we are in Ireland, we came here to get a visa for Denis as he could not apply in Canada with Lily and I to go to South Africa. now we all have our visas and we are just waiting to board the plane on Sunday to head to our new life. Denis and I are so excited.

Our whole lives are about to change, we are going to be living the life we have been working towards these last few years, removing the blockages in our minds, our souls, our spirits and our bodies! Well maybe not our bodies, our regimen has been shocking the last little while, the last week it has been horrific! I feel a sugar detox coming on. We need it, badly! I will give you daily updates when we get going I South Africa of how it is going, when the energy drops and when it starts to pick up again. The mood swings, or any other symptoms we may have. I will also fill you in on what we are eating.

It is such a good feeling this standing on the edge of our own tomorrow, knowing that we are going where we are meant to be. Enjoying the little moments that pass each day while we stand on this precipice, like yesterday, walking through a park we stopped by a man feeding pigeons, he was covered just like you see in the movies. We stoppe, talked to him and he shared his birds with us. Offering food to us so his feathered friends would come to rest on us as well. Lily was entranced, she is a bird watcher already and to have them sitting on my hand while in my arms was magical. It is moments like these that have me in no rush to get to my tomorrow, even though it is my beautiful future that I am moving towards. image




Four years ago this time of year Denis came home to find me a sobbing mess of snot and tears in our little boat. He almost fell down getting to me quickly as I was so obviously destroyed.

I had talked to her over the weekend, she told me how she was heading to the doctors on Monday because she just was not getting better, Monday we got the impending news and Friday Denis found me crippled with my sorrow.

Old tears or new? They still travel down my cheeks with her memory but not so hot or lost. They know the path, so many have travelled before, there are fewer now and they don’t rip me up so badly but my heart still longs for her companionship, her words of wisdom, her physical presence in my life. My attachment to the material is less than it once was but how I wish I could have her in the material again.





One year old!

Years go by so fast, I think back to a year ago and I wonder how I ever thought my life was full before she entered it, before she smiled at me, reached for me, hugged me, kissed me, laughed with me, rested her head over my heart. Thank you my dearest Lily, for making me a better more complete version of my true self. I look forward to each day, month and year we have ahead of us, I don’t want to dream to far ahead because I can never imagine how it gets better than today.

The snow showed up on her birthday, and we had a weekend of consistent fun and busyness complete with presents to unwrap, a cousin to play with and a cupcake to destroy (she ate the ice-cream). Now, she seems to be detoxing from all the activity with a Pulsatilla like cold, lots of snot and a little bit of clinginess but she is fairing well with her homeopathics and lots of love. The only part she really complains about is when we need to wipe her nose, she hates that!

We confirmed our flights late last week, very exciting to have the next part of our journey really coming together in the physical now rather than just our hearts. We also are making contacts with folks to volunteer with for our stop over on our way to South Africa, it is such a long journey a little break in the middle seems like a good option.

Life is flowing well these days, we have found the eye of the storm and are peaceful watching the chaos around us.





When you are squished you find out what is inside of you. Fear is a incredible squasher. It tells you what you are made of. I am not the first nor am I the last to come to this understanding.

I am heartened by the social media I was getting this morning after dealing with some emails. I seem to be surrounding myself with people who are full of compassion and it is leaking out of them in buckets. I am surrounded by people filled with gratitude, with love, with hope and with gumption. People who are working on making themselves into the people they want to live with, want to share the planet with. There is wisdom in that.

The days of an eye for an eye are over. Face fear with courage, hate with love and ignorance with truth.

When under pressure and your insides are forced outside… what comes out? Are you who you want your future to be?


Now What?

I had a plan.

It didn’t happen.

I worked on another plan.

Then tossed it to the wind.

Rethought my whole approach, and found it wanting.

To much planning and not enough doing.

I read an article today about the shortfalls of our education system and how it is not preparing young people to be adults of tomorrow but setting them up to be successful adults of a time period they won’t live in, so in essence failing them for their future. It made me think, I was a good student, I could get those high grades, the ones that made you ripe for success. Somehow I found my passion in a career that those skills both helped and are hindering me. I am still a good student, I don’t memorise for a test but really learn what I love. However, now that I am finished with the first part of my studies and ready to practice I don’t seem to know the formula to make my ‘straight A’s’ academic life into a ‘straight A’s’ professional career. I am ready for patients, ready to share what I have learned, ready to start making money and yet where are they?

My creative soul is stuck in my intellect and my dreams are slowly being strangled with details.

My life does not allow for me to set up a clinic, every part of it a thoughtful and seamless part of the whole. I don’t have a marketing budget, I don’t have a lot of things. I do have desire, I do have dreams, I do have a certain reality that I love and need to work with. Most importantly as of today I have more flexibility in my thinking. I was trying to micro manage every detail, it all had to be right, it had to be something I could manage and knew what the path was. I was holding myself underwater saying ‘breathe, swim’ oblivious that I have no gills.

So today, I start again, and thats okay. I can start a million times so long as I keep learning and trying something new to get where I want to go. Just because one path was not fruitful does not mean the destination is imaginary.


Sequential Therapy

Have you heard of the movie Shrek?

Most of you probably have. There is a little pearl of wisdom in that movie that perfectly describes sequential therapy. Not only Ogres are like onions, your path to health is as well.

Life has its ups and downs. Everyone has their own unique set of ‘traumas’, be they physical, emotional, or otherwise. Most all of us even come with a baggage train unique for our own learning experience, and our personalities compound all this even further. Without a medicine based on laws and practiced in a principled way we’d be lots trying to unfold a unique plan for each person wanting to achieve greater health.

This is where the onion comes in, we peel back the layers one at a time in reverse oder to how they occurred in your life. Slowly slowly we undo the ware and tear of blindly stumbling around to help you reveal your true self and then you can go on to find your true desire function and the world becomes your oyster.

Life does not stop when treatment starts however so when new traumas occur we treat them and move back to peeling away your layers, which will have been recorded in a timeline of your life story. Our unique map to getting you stronger.

My timeline was treated while I was in school as part of our requirements for graduation. Physician heal thyself, is taken quiet seriously. My timeline told my Heilkunstler more than simply the events of my life but also it gave her a window into my personality. My timeline was detailed to the day for all things medical. She asked why, and I my response told her that I was a person ruled by principles. They had tried to deny me access to my medical records when I was moving province to a new doctor, so I got them because they tried to tell me no. No other real reason. It helped with my treatment that my practitioner knew this because she could teach me how to harness my strengths of character and how not to be ruled by my own mind into self sabotaging. It was okay to change my mind!

Sequential Therapy makes so much sense, you slowly build up the events in your life that lead to wear you are now, so you slowly peel away the layers in reverse order to find yourself within.

Lily took her first steps yesterday and thankfully I was present to witness the event. I shouted for joy, which caused her to be distracted and fall but all of us (her daddy, grandma, herself and I) were all joyous smiles for her accomplishment. I don’t have a photo of her walking but will get one soon.



It is 4 am and I am not sleeping.

For the last few nights I have been waking in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. I am not sure if it is the lunar activity, my racing mind that is excited with possibilities and full of things to do or just simply me settling into a new space and so  my patterns are a bit disrupted. There are so many causes of insomnia, knowing when to intervene is important. Sleep is such a important factor in maintaining your sustantive power. The power in you that keeps the daily goings on going. Poor sleep habits can cause an avalanche of health issues starting with simple fuzzy mind and fatigue throughout the day to serious health concerns that can turn deadly at the worst case scenario.

For me I expect I will be back to sleeping soundly through the night by as early as tomorrow night, but if not I will start taking measures to really encourage better sleep. Tonight however, with the bright night sky, curtesy of the day old full moon, I figured why not get some work done while I lay awake with Lily snuggled into my arms. It took a bit to get out of bed to get the computer, but here I am checking off little jobs on my to do list. Not planning an all-nighter, I am sure I will enjoy the last few hours of sleep that I will get before I awaken a second time to go about my day.

As I just mentioned, we co-sleep with Lily. I find this gets all of us a better sleep than if we slept apart. I can sleep more soundly than having the ‘momma one ear open’ all night long listening for her in another room. She is right beside me and if she has a bad dream or other need I can attend to it right away, most often with staying in such a restful state that I barely wake myself. Most families co-sleep in the world, some from necessity and others by choice or custom. Not so in North America, I have had more than one person tell me I will get tired of it and wish I’d never started co-sleeping since how will I ever get her out of my bed without a huge fight.

I laugh and say if my teenaged daughter still wants to co-sleep that is fine with me. However I don’t think she will share our company for that long, I doubt she will never leave the family bed. I do fully believe it is part of the reason why she is who she is, this comfort we all get by having each other close at night allows her to have a level of confidence and security that she probably would not have if she were in another room. I know I sleep better… most nights. 🙂



I need your help.

I am planning on teaching a few evening classes or even a day class and I was wondering if you could help me with a few questions.

I would like to teach about homeopathic medicines you could have at home to self treat acute (now) situations. Such as bug bites, colds/flu, sprained ankles, food poisoning and so on. Would you like to learn about that? How much time would you be willing to spend on a class for that?

I also would like to teach about nutrition. There is so much and so many ways to go with nutrition. What would make you come to a class? How long? What topics would you want to cover? Would you like issues about weight loss, maximum benefit eating, condition/disease specific diets, advice on how to change your diet for your changing needs (energy/stress/activity)? If I brought some food would you be willing to pay to offset my costs?

I would like to go into deeper aspects of Heilkunst as well. Genetic, karmic, and other chronic care. Also simple information that would help with understanding your inherent strengths and weaknesses and how you can support yourself with those issues, such as anxiousness, temper, fears and so on. Would any of that interest you? Again how long would you like an introductory talk about it to be on.

More questions, would you like written material to take home? Do you like visual aids for teaching or just listening? Are evenings or daytime better for you to attend? What makes you choose to go to a talk?

Is there anything else you are interested in learning about that I might be able to help  with?

How does one become a butterfly?

You must want to fly so bad you give up being a caterpillar.