Starting Again

I got a reminder about this blog needing updated credit card info so or it would be shut down. I toyed with letting it go, since it has been so long since I posted, but today I decided to look at it before I decided.

Wow! What fun to have a journal of our adventures. I will keep this going for Lily and for me. I will give myself the gift of posting when I feel like it.

Lily is now 5 years old! Denis lives in Ireland, we divorced last year. We are great friends, we just were not good living together as a married couple. Lily and I are in Canada.

Right now I am working on a business venture called Oils for Horses with my dear soul sister, Daniela. Our website is almost live. I gave up on Heilkunst. I love Heilkunst personally but I did not seem to be cut out to do it as a practitioner. I have accepted that.

Lily is awesome but not super impressed with the social distancing required of us all for the global pandemic that is going on. Thankfully the internet is working well this morning… she is learning all about snake eggs on YouTube and the hatching requirements of said eggs.