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Heilkunst is the heart of my practice, loosely translated it is the Art of Making Whole. It is a portion of what constitutes Romantic Medicine (see wikipedia) and is about polarities and relationships between powers, forces and energies, material and immaterial.

Your life is unique to you, there is no one else like you and so your health care should be perfectly tailored to reflect your strengths and weaknesses as well. Heilkunst is the science based method that allows for that individual attention to detail, so you can really live your life to the fullest. Under the care of a Heilkunstler (me) you will learn about how your quality of life is affected by your past and present and what you can do, daily, to improve your life.

There are three core methods used to direct this care depending on individual needs.

Therapeutic Regimen (Heilkunde) – Lifestyle coaching; nutrition, hydration, sleep, sex, exercise, recreation and so on are addressed using the laws of opposites and truth to regain a balanced state of health.

Therapeutic Medicine (Heilkunst) – Homeopathics, tissue salts and flower essences are used to address disease impingements on the life force. Traumatic events/shocks (physical and emotional), diseases (infectious and inherited), chronic and inherited miasms are addressed gently with sequential therapy.

Therapeutic Education (Heillehre) – Truth. Honest, lovingly delivered truths dispelling false beliefs of self worth and other falsities.

Each stream of health care in its proper jurisdiction can bring about powerful results, all three streams working together can be life changing.

Consultations (Fees are in Canadian Dollars)

Initial – $160 – 1.5-2 hours, This appointment is longer in duration so we can discover where we are starting from and where we want to go with treatment. It is by Skype or phone. You will be required to submit some information prior to the appointment to make best use of our time together. At the end you will be given advice on all three streams of health and a prescription for any homeopathics etc that may be beneficial to your case.

Full follow-up – $75.00 – 30-45 minutes, These appointments can be via Skype/phone or email. We will address how you case is progressing and make adjustments changes and additions to care as needed. You will receive prescriptions and detailed written responses as appropriate to assist with your case.

Quick follow-up or Acute Care – $45.00 – 15 minutes or email. This is for acute symptomatic relief of colds or any individual complaint that can be addressed quickly.

Additional family members can receive a discount 50% off if treated during the same appointment. Initial appointment for additional family members is $100.00 if in the same week. A special of primary carer and a baby under 2 years of age is $200.00 for initial appointment to be taken at the same time. All children under 2 years of age are always 50% off full fees.

You can contact me directly at:

Please reference Heilkunst or Appointment in subject line.

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