Making A Home

That is what we worked on today, turning our perfect shell into a home.

Lily and I got pretty dusty today watching and helping her daddy start to really create a safe and beautiful home to stay in. First he dug holes and set almost all the fence posts so that we can make a safe place for Lily to play outside. Then the power tools arrived and he started on my kitchen. It is going to be a thing of beauty, a real joy to make good nourishing food in. It is his own design, I asked for little details like how high I wanted the counters and shelves, and how big I wanted my work top. The rest is all him, and it is looking perfect for my taste so far.

I have discovered however, that I have no idea how I will stay ahead of the dirt from outside that is intent on coming inside. Eventually I think a deck out front and maybe even the back as well, just to allow more time for the sand to fall off the shoes/toes before they come inside. That and endless sweeping should take away the beach like appearance of our home.

Spent another day in class, studying Biochemical and Genetic Variability and other factors that effect our health regarding diet in a crude sense and total health for a broader explanation. The new discoveries that are being made and the ground that is being broken and explored is huge. There is one map that is being created that is how all the minerals/vitamins you intake work with enzymes/hormones and other parts that help to make up you and their complicated relationships. No longer is it simply a matter of looking at amounts of these life giving nutrients but now it seems to attain optimum health we need to look at the multilevel relationships between them all in relation to individual you! It is a bit daunting to say the least but at least we have a map and with time and perseverance I think magical things can happen. We even discussed how the genetic code is not as concrete as originally thought and that genes can be switched on and off to varying degrees with foods, or fuels to differentiate between eating well and eating for optimal health. Thankfully it was a two day intensive program and now I get to go and let the information that was passed to us ‘marinade’ if you will, in my mind.

It is exciting to know that every time  I get close to thinking, ‘yep, I got this sorted’ I realise, one end of understanding is just the launching point for the next level of understanding. It is never ending! 🙂 I have asked Denis to build me a study nook at the window in our bedroom when he is done the kitchen, a place for me to sit comfortably and let my mind be expanded beyond what I know, to where I am going.

It is time to turn in again, tonight there is a storm rumbling around and periodically lighting up our room, while the rain softly pitter patters down on the dry earth. Lily is fast asleep after her big day of exploring and helping her daddy and I am lost in thoughts and the excitement of anticipation for my future. As always, life is good, I feel blessed.



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