Little Helper

Building our home together is an incredible experience.

Today Denis worked more on getting my kitchen space workable so I can play without restraint. What fun to watch Lily watching us. She is so inquisitive and wants so much to help, so today at one point you would have found her standing on the box case for a circular saw peeping up onto my new counter top to help make a salad for lunch. For the same meal we made a soup, and she demanded to ‘taste’ the soup like I did while cooking it. She gave her approval of the seasonings by asking for more, and more soup. At another point Denis and Joseph were tinkering with a post hole digger that had lost a nut, she sat right in the middle between the men watching every move they made. She watches everything!

I thought last night was our last night in the rental cabin but we needed one more day to make the move easy, a few little things like baby locks on doors and the kitchen construction being done will make life nicer for Lily. There is only so much of the “no, please don’t touch” that I am comfortable with. I agree kids need to learn what no is, but not to the level that it would need to be said for her full time living space being in a construction zone. So, with any luck tomorrow we will be able to mostly Lily proof our cottage and we can move in. Just in time for the Saturday market!

What else to tell you, our eating habits are still in a new healthy state, vegetable juicing each morning and of lots of veg, some fruit and good protein sources thought the day. However, I am craving ‘treats’ also known as crap food. High calorie and low nutrient foods. Thankfully I am not close to a shop and the chocolate bar that we had incase we needed a treat for Lily to chew on during take off and landing is still in my bag but I am loath to eat it. I might eventually eat it but for now it is safe in our luggage. It is the fear of having these cravings last longer than is holding me back, nothing more than that. Plus, my belly is massively bloated again, probably part of the process of detoxing. It is bigger than when I was eating grains but has only come up in the last two days, so we will see how long it takes to go away again… permanently.

Something more pleasant to share. The nights here are full of the sounds of little creatures singing their songs, it is peaceful and soothing to my mind which has been excited all day. It is late and way past my bedtime… Goodnight.





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