Simply stated, I am happy.

Last Friday I ran out of internet, so I was unable to write but we are back up and running. The weekend was great, we went to the market again but we were late because of other commitments and much of the fresh produce was gone. Which is wonderful for the sellers and only slightly frustrating for us. We got most of everything we needed it was only the greens for the juicing that we missed out on completely.

I also found a few treasures that I will be wanting to get next week again as well. I found a couple that sell gluten free bread, and… raw, fresh goats milk! My desire to get my own goats has completely disappeared for the time being with this discovery. They also make cheese but they were further down the line of vendors than the first cheese maker, where I got cream cheese for rice cake, tomato and avocado snacks. There is a great supplier of natural products for the skin, everything from sun care and bug repellant to soaps and medical help. Jams, free range/organic meats, nut butters, and of course the fruits and veggies. I had so much more fun this time as I kinda had an idea what to expect. Next week I have my sights set on some heirloom seeds to start growing our own greens and herbs.

We did part of the market past the food this time too, and I got a lovely pair of sandals. Lily was being her usual cute self and was given a little purple bracelet with a cross on it. People are so shocked at how cool she is about meeting and interacting with strangers. She just wanders around and finds people that interest her and she goes up to them to meet them. Anyone can interest her, she is not only drawn to little people or momma people or men, she likes who she likes. People talking to her in the local language does not slow her down, she simply makes herself known and her desires as well.

Sunday we went to a cool little place with a great kids park and lots of little shops. Lily chased chickens and followed a monkey as best she could. Watched other kids at the park and tried her hand at a swing, she likes the slide a lot more at this point. She is a very brave little soul, wanting to climb up the slide and go down free from assistance. After the other kids let we went to the beach and the lovely restaurant on the beach called PiliPili. Lily and Denis played on the beach with a couples dogs and then we had pizza for supper. The couple found us at the restaurant and gave Lily a knitted hat of a cartoon character… little yellow guys, I have not seen the movie. After our big days, Lily passed out on the car ride home and then today she had another big long nap late morning. I think she is working on that 8th tooth that just seems to cause her grief rather than pop through.

The fence is coming along and I got up my clothes line today, slowly slowly we are making a home!

IMG_0781 (1)

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