Sleeping, scorpions and sweetness

I fell asleep last night, with every intention of writing before I did so. Seems that our little girl is growing up fast and her not needing to nap with her is making me a little more tired at night.

Tonight I was hoping to stay up for a conference call with the IHA (International Heilkunst Association) but I think I’ll have to catch a recording or beg for someone else’s notes. The time change is a bit rough for EST evening meetings when I am in South Africa. Even napping with Lily would not make up for that kind of lost sleep.

I found a dead scorpion in my living room, after the tool box was taken out. Funny, it did not make my heart speed up at all, and I keep forgetting to check my shoes before I put them on! That is what lots of travel does to you, you just kinda are not phased anymore. That said the baboons were eerie today. I did not expect them to give me that feeling but the way they moved… it made me aware of their ‘wildness’ in ways that all the other wild animals I have witnessed have not. It has given me a bit of a unusual wariness towards them, especially when it comes to Lily. She on the other hand, thought they should come to her like a dog, and when they did not she was determined to go to them. Which might be part of the reason for my feelings.

Speaking of Lily, she cracked my up this afternoon. I gave her a little bucket of water to play in and when I came around the corner (I was in the kitchen) a few moments later she had climbed in… shoes and all. I helped her out of her shoes, socks and dress and she proceeded to play in this little bucket, lounging like it was a recliner chair. She is so funny.

We got hooked up to unlimited internet today. First thing we did was Skype Gramma in Canada. Lily was so excited to see her, and I never saw the smile off of gramma’s face either so I guess she was just as enthralled. I still remember my first time travelling, no internet to stay in touch. My poor mom! I was off having an adventure and she had no way of contacting me, funny how that was just the way it was and now we  can have a live face to face chat in real time by just clicking a button!


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