A Bit of Space

Whats in a bit of space? Peace of mind.

I am the type of person who deals with change but in my heart I like a bit of routine, a bit of space to call my own, that I can always turn to and know it will be just the way I left it, that it will be waiting for me no matter what… that I don’t have to share it or wait for it or clean up someone else stuff from it. And now I have that little bit of space, Denis built for me a desk, in front of the window in our bedroom. He built it into the shelves that hold our clothes up off the ground. We are unpacked and I have my sacred space that I have not had to call my own since we sold my boat!

The first thing I did was write a mom about Heilkunst and Unschooling and what I do. I started listening to a lecture today about organising my time (mind) to be more efficient too. Funnily enough I was in the middle of making dinner, but now I can finish it in peace, here at the foot of the bed when Lily takes her long late morning nap tomorrow! Maybe I will even start on it again tonight for a bit, now that she is sleeping and I am rocking this new energy and excitement for a space to call all my own.

As a friend told me this evening, all this hard work is paying off and life is really giving back now.

A view of my new office! Just add some cushions to the photo and that is my magic spot. 🙂


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