End Of Week

Market day tomorrow, and not a day to soon. The cupboards are bare!

Tomorrow is also the day we pick up Lola, our new dog friend. She was rescued about 4 years ago and sadly her forever home turned into a situation where the lady has to head back to the UK. So Lola was again looking for a home to call her own. She is very shy, but seemed to like Lily right from the start. Lily liked feeding her biscuits.

The guys also take their course on green building of log homes/buildings this weekend. It is going to be a busy weekend, especially tomorrow. I think Sunday will find Lily, Lola and I relaxing and rebooting, preparing to have a bunch of very excited guys on our hands for awhile. Today Denis put up the gates on our ‘Lily fence’ and worked on my little raised planters for my garden. V and G (the other guys) got 400 old tires and cleared our view to the lake. The tires are for building retaining walls behind the workshop, we will plant succulents in the little moons of dirt to pretty it up but the tires are an affordable choice for the amount of work we will need to do.

Speaking of living on sand, it is near impossible to keep Lily clean for more than a few minutes. Our sand is fine and soft and inviting, plus it has a black layer very close to the surface so Lily is always covered in patterns of dust. I discovered while we were out for a walk today lots of concrete slabs from a old building that was taken down… I think I will be asking for a concrete patio out the front of the house soon. A little space to play outside that is not in the sand. đŸ™‚

Another thing we discovered on our walk around today was large cat tracks. Not large as in lion but large as in way bigger than a house cat. Seems a caracal is a local resident and the reason why no one has pet house cats. Sad we can’t have house cats without them falling prey to the wild cat but the wild cat is pretty cool looking.

Off to bed, as the computer is attracting flying ants.



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