Another Month

Another month has almost come and gone, in just the blink of an eye!

I am surprised that it has been so long since I last wrote, I lost track of what this blog was doing for me, what was the purpose of it. I am at a point now where I think I know what it is about but I will wait and see if my thoughts are correct.

You see I think this is a daily account of what my life is really about, but I still hold back on the ugly side of life. I still paint the positive picture as much as I can. Right now that is easy, as life is so very good, but that could change tomorrow, we could have a rough patch, I could struggle with a belief system and fight rather than experience life. OR not, I could have another great day that is so unexpectedly different from what I thought an ‘adult life’ looked like.

I am working on learning about marketing and branding and the difference and the philosophy behind it. I have lucked out in that if I get all my baby steps sorted before the end of April a very successful internet marketer of Heilkunst will help me with the next steps. I plan on taking him up on this offer.

Ever heard that saying about waiting for your ship to come in? Well I am figuring out what kind of ‘ship’ to send out so it can bring back to me what I am looking for. I want to build my practice with patients who become students rather than patients or clients. I want to find the people I can assist to getting their goals of health. I want to reach out to those who know that somewhere someone is holding the key for them, and they will open that door to health and happiness and walk through if they could only find the key. I want to find the people who are ready to do the work to make IT happen in their life.

Exciting stuff, it’s all about new beginnings around here… again! Denis, Lily and I have moved into our own cottage this last week past. We were in a different cottage to start but decided that this one was more suited to having private family time than the original one we were in. Thankfully our friends agreed and said we could have whichever we wanted. So we claimed the quieter cabin for us. We celebrated by getting a puppy! We tried a rehoming of a older rescue dog at the beginning of the month but that dog wanted nothing to do with Lily so we sent it back when it started to snap at her in situations where it could have walked away but chose to show dominance. The puppy arrived on Lily’s 16 months birthday. She is a great little dog and Lily is in love. So new home, new dog and new information about how to find my ‘students’ of health.

Will work on photos.


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