South Africa

We have been here for a week, and it feels like home.

Tomorrow we should get to move into our cottage that will be our home for the next year, and I am so excited for that. It is in a wild state right now, that land itself being a little less than baby proof, and the house having a few basics missing, like the kitchen is not really installed yet, there are no sitting areas and the mattresses are on the floor resting on the plastic they came in. But still it is home, our home, and I love it.

The area we are in, in South Africa is beyond words in physical beauty, the community is warm and fun with a Saturday farmer’s market that is world class. This is the kind of place where years will disappear like a morning mist, having us looking back thinking ‘wow, has it really been X years?’

School is underway again for me, I am continuing my studies and have figured out how to attend lectures even with our basic living situation. Next step is to get the practice up and running, and really see about reaching out to people in different ways.

Lily is thriving so far, she loves being outside, so much so that she will happily sit alone (or so it would appear from her stand point) watching the world go by for longer than she will ever play with toys inside. Because of this, one of our first outside projects is to make safe our area for Lily. We are surrounded by lots and lots of wild space so we are going to make a little fenced yard all around our house for her. In a month or two when we start looking for a puppy, it will help keep the puppy from getting lost or into trouble too.

Wildlife, Denis has seen monkeys but I have not, we have both seen tortoises and lots of wonderful birds, including fisher eagles that are nesting on the property. Plus we have had bats in the house for a few night this week, they are very small and in my opinion very cute, they love mosquitoes as their main food as well so I would like a few as pets. Might make them a bat house outside our cottage though, they poop a lot.

Speaking of poop, our diet is the best ever and our systems are having a bit of a ‘clean out’ in response but I feel really good, have lost the belly bloat already, and have less fuzz in my head. The phlegm has gone from my throat too as we have not been consuming dairy like we were. I don’t miss the crap, the chocolates, the pastas, the bread, ice cream and so on, well I don’t think about it most of the time but writing it I think… humm, a little ice cream would be nice. Overall though, I think we are on a new phase of our life and better regimen is part of it. We are ready.

Until tomorrow,




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