Visas, Pigeons and Moving

Time flew by. Six months come and gone and we are on to the next phase of our life.

Canada was fantastic, hard, full of love and at times gut wrenching loss. I feel a bit like a broken record, everywhere we go there are highs and lows. Each place has a jewel in the rough for us to mine out and polish. It is the polishing of this hypothetical jewel with our faces that can cause the hurt. We heal fast though and are ready for the next adventure. We are not who we were when we met, when we started on this path and we like where we are going.

Today we are in Ireland, we came here to get a visa for Denis as he could not apply in Canada with Lily and I to go to South Africa. now we all have our visas and we are just waiting to board the plane on Sunday to head to our new life. Denis and I are so excited.

Our whole lives are about to change, we are going to be living the life we have been working towards these last few years, removing the blockages in our minds, our souls, our spirits and our bodies! Well maybe not our bodies, our regimen has been shocking the last little while, the last week it has been horrific! I feel a sugar detox coming on. We need it, badly! I will give you daily updates when we get going I South Africa of how it is going, when the energy drops and when it starts to pick up again. The mood swings, or any other symptoms we may have. I will also fill you in on what we are eating.

It is such a good feeling this standing on the edge of our own tomorrow, knowing that we are going where we are meant to be. Enjoying the little moments that pass each day while we stand on this precipice, like yesterday, walking through a park we stopped by a man feeding pigeons, he was covered just like you see in the movies. We stoppe, talked to him and he shared his birds with us. Offering food to us so his feathered friends would come to rest on us as well. Lily was entranced, she is a bird watcher already and to have them sitting on my hand while in my arms was magical. It is moments like these that have me in no rush to get to my tomorrow, even though it is my beautiful future that I am moving towards. image



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