One year old!

Years go by so fast, I think back to a year ago and I wonder how I ever thought my life was full before she entered it, before she smiled at me, reached for me, hugged me, kissed me, laughed with me, rested her head over my heart. Thank you my dearest Lily, for making me a better more complete version of my true self. I look forward to each day, month and year we have ahead of us, I don’t want to dream to far ahead because I can never imagine how it gets better than today.

The snow showed up on her birthday, and we had a weekend of consistent fun and busyness complete with presents to unwrap, a cousin to play with and a cupcake to destroy (she ate the ice-cream). Now, she seems to be detoxing from all the activity with a Pulsatilla like cold, lots of snot and a little bit of clinginess but she is fairing well with her homeopathics and lots of love. The only part she really complains about is when we need to wipe her nose, she hates that!

We confirmed our flights late last week, very exciting to have the next part of our journey really coming together in the physical now rather than just our hearts. We also are making contacts with folks to volunteer with for our stop over on our way to South Africa, it is such a long journey a little break in the middle seems like a good option.

Life is flowing well these days, we have found the eye of the storm and are peaceful watching the chaos around us.




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