Sequential Therapy

Have you heard of the movie Shrek?

Most of you probably have. There is a little pearl of wisdom in that movie that perfectly describes sequential therapy. Not only Ogres are like onions, your path to health is as well.

Life has its ups and downs. Everyone has their own unique set of ‘traumas’, be they physical, emotional, or otherwise. Most all of us even come with a baggage train unique for our own learning experience, and our personalities compound all this even further. Without a medicine based on laws and practiced in a principled way we’d be lots trying to unfold a unique plan for each person wanting to achieve greater health.

This is where the onion comes in, we peel back the layers one at a time in reverse oder to how they occurred in your life. Slowly slowly we undo the ware and tear of blindly stumbling around to help you reveal your true self and then you can go on to find your true desire function and the world becomes your oyster.

Life does not stop when treatment starts however so when new traumas occur we treat them and move back to peeling away your layers, which will have been recorded in a timeline of your life story. Our unique map to getting you stronger.

My timeline was treated while I was in school as part of our requirements for graduation. Physician heal thyself, is taken quiet seriously. My timeline told my Heilkunstler more than simply the events of my life but also it gave her a window into my personality. My timeline was detailed to the day for all things medical. She asked why, and I my response told her that I was a person ruled by principles. They had tried to deny me access to my medical records when I was moving province to a new doctor, so I got them because they tried to tell me no. No other real reason. It helped with my treatment that my practitioner knew this because she could teach me how to harness my strengths of character and how not to be ruled by my own mind into self sabotaging. It was okay to change my mind!

Sequential Therapy makes so much sense, you slowly build up the events in your life that lead to wear you are now, so you slowly peel away the layers in reverse order to find yourself within.

Lily took her first steps yesterday and thankfully I was present to witness the event. I shouted for joy, which caused her to be distracted and fall but all of us (her daddy, grandma, herself and I) were all joyous smiles for her accomplishment. I don’t have a photo of her walking but will get one soon.


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