I need your help.

I am planning on teaching a few evening classes or even a day class and I was wondering if you could help me with a few questions.

I would like to teach about homeopathic medicines you could have at home to self treat acute (now) situations. Such as bug bites, colds/flu, sprained ankles, food poisoning and so on. Would you like to learn about that? How much time would you be willing to spend on a class for that?

I also would like to teach about nutrition. There is so much and so many ways to go with nutrition. What would make you come to a class? How long? What topics would you want to cover? Would you like issues about weight loss, maximum benefit eating, condition/disease specific diets, advice on how to change your diet for your changing needs (energy/stress/activity)? If I brought some food would you be willing to pay to offset my costs?

I would like to go into deeper aspects of Heilkunst as well. Genetic, karmic, and other chronic care. Also simple information that would help with understanding your inherent strengths and weaknesses and how you can support yourself with those issues, such as anxiousness, temper, fears and so on. Would any of that interest you? Again how long would you like an introductory talk about it to be on.

More questions, would you like written material to take home? Do you like visual aids for teaching or just listening? Are evenings or daytime better for you to attend? What makes you choose to go to a talk?

Is there anything else you are interested in learning about that I might be able to help  with?

How does one become a butterfly?

You must want to fly so bad you give up being a caterpillar.


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