They are painting mom’s house!

This is very exciting as you may or may not know we are living in a trailer. A gooseneck 32 foot trailer that has sleeping spaces in the very front and the very back for privacy but it is not ideal for a Canadian winter, and the leaves are just beginning to change. I am thrilled to see they are painting mom’s house, I am hoping we will be moving in a few weeks. Mom is hoping to be in before Canadian Thanksgiving.

I missed last night because I goofed up and made apple sauce to late into the evening and Lily melted. It was kinda nice because it made me wrap her up in Denis’ sweater and we cuddled and went for a walk under the stars. We walked up to the pond and down to the road and she was asleep. Her cuddles are so heart warming.

While cleaning today I realised a funny thing. Of all the lovely homes we clean and all the qualities they have, I think I fall in love with the good private libraries the most. I love good books and today we cleaned one of my favourite home libraries… I probably spend a little extra time dusting as I peruse the various titles and pick up the odd one for “extra dusting” and read the back cover or the inside flap. Today I took this one step further and started writing titles down of books I’d like to one day have in a library of my own. Mini libraries all around the world in various little structures we will eventually call our own. A camper van or a hut or a cottage or who knows what. I already decorate the wee cabin in South Africa, why not fill libraries?

Denis and Lily came to visit again today, she’s been helping mom and I make beds in certain houses and she thinks it is hilarious, which of course we think is hilarious. Giggles all around.

Trying to get ahead of tomorrow, making dinner for tomorrow tonight (slow cooker) and got homemade soup out of the freezer for lunch.

Got to hurry, Lily’s going to want to sleep soon and I don’t want to miss her cuddles.


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