Building a Business

I didn’t know what to write. Throughout my day I will think of a few things but when I sit down to write I can forget, sometimes all of my ideas and sometimes part of them.  Tonight I told Denis I wasn’t sure what to say and he said to write what I want the business to look like. He means my practice.

I’d love to have three days a week for clinic time, booked comfortably full. I only want three days because I want plenty of time to continue my studies and also so I have lots of time to be with Denis, Lily and to pursue other interests. Simple, I love what I do on many fronts so I just need balance.

My girlfriend wrote today talking of her current plans to increase her business. Her goal is that, in time, by building her business it will free up more time for her. She is also interested in pursuing more formal education in her area of interest.

Oh I’d like a little quiet space, a desk and a comfy chair, wherever I am in my travels with my family, to be able to do my work in comfort. I’d also like more technology. I’d like a iPad to be able to read pdfs more easily when on the go, I’d like a bigger laptop in time as well. The iPad is top of my electronic wish list today but it might change before I am ready to purchase.

I am excited to have found something I love so much, but if you have been reading for very long you will know that already. Funny thing today I was asked again about what I do and what would I do for a specific situation. I stuttered to answer, not because I don’t know the answer but I don’t trust myself to talk to anyone about it yet. Of course five minutes after I rambled out a response I was able to put it much more precisely and eloquently in my head. If enough people keep asking I will be able to answer smoothly in the moment rather than five minutes later. Thankfully I don’t beat myself up about these times. I simply think I am growing more and more each time I am asked.

Still have not taken new photos, I will soon.


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