So Lily shared, her cold and I missed the physician heal thyself motto… again! So Denis and I are having a longer does of whatever it was that Lily introduced to us.

We also found out on Friday that getting visas for volunteering in South Africa has a twist. Lily and I apply in person in Canada and Denis applies from Europe… in person! Just a little something to see if we are determined in our path. We are, so now we just have a little extra organising to do. I wanted the journey to South Africa to be in two parts for Lily anyways… it is such a long journey to do all at once. Now it is being enforced.

Spending the weekend at my dad’s place. Nice and slow pace, I am not sure who is getting the most pleasure, me for seeing the joy on my dad’s face when Lily initiates play, Lily for having a playmate, or my dad at having all this time with Lily! The simple things really are the best things.

This photo is from last week, this weekend is to cold for boating. Still it is reflective of Lily and her Papa.


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