First Cold

We had our first fever at about 6 months I think, now we are having her first cold.

Yesterday evening and night Lily was a little more demanding of attention/cuddles than normal. Other than that there was no real warning, until this morning when a distinct little gurgle could be heard. The snot had arrived. She has been a super hero, I left her  in her daddy’s care with a few homeopathics to work with while I was at work, he said they helped when he needed them at one point in the day but mostly she was a trouper and he just loved on her and let her sleep a lot.

I won’t stay long tonight as I completely forgot about the blog and now I want to snuggle with Lily so she has a early night, tomorrow we go to a tea party for her in the late afternoon and I am hoping we will be able to have her fully rested. The weekend we will spend with Papa (my dad) and hopefully we will not all end up with Lily’s first cold. I already have a few signs of it working on my system but I hope that with a little TLC and lots of good food and rest at dad’s it will pass with nothing other than the funny taste in the back of my throat.

You know, I just realised that I did not worry about her at all today. As soon as I knew she had a cold I was worried about going to work but once I had the remedies left for Denis I never worried again. He is so good, he kept her warm and loved on all day and she shows it. What a blessing to have such a great partner, all the power to the single parents (in and out of relationships) it is so much easier with a good partner. We are lucky that we also have a live in Grandma right now too, and that makes things that much easier again.

Going to run, she is sounding like she is ready for bed, I know I am!


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