Days Gone Bye

So much has been happening and I have missed writing so many entires that a huge amount of fun has not been accounted for. I will fix that now.

Some of the fun we have been having:

Sometime back we took Lily out for her first ride in a stroller, we went to the corner store (about a 30 minute walk each way). It was a hit, the stroller and the ice cream. Every bike that passed Lily half crawled out of the little buggy and watched it until it would disappear around a bend. Glad both her dad and I love motorbikes.

We went to the Canadian Exhibition with my family. We had a lot of fun, Lily almost refused to sleep she was so excited about everything she was seeing. She yelled at me when I took her away from the pigs.

We have been boating a few times and swimming off the boat when the weather has been agreeable. This last time was only this past Sunday and the very reason I feel like I need to share our adventures. Lily had so much fun, she was crawling around on a shallow sand bar splashing in the water, watching her cousin (3.5 years old) playing with his his and watching her daddy run and crawl and play with her. I was snapping photos and enjoying the ‘last days of summer’ when our Lily starting crawling into the waves. The first few that hit her face shocked her but she got into it, so much so that when one rolled her over and I pulled her out the water she yelled at me to put her back in the water. She loved it! So much that facing her in a direction where they hit her from behind she would only crawl for so long before turning to face them again, I am not sure if it is the feeling of the pressure on her chest or what she liked the most but whatever it was she had a brilliant time. Eventually I called it quits for her and found a quiet part of the boat and nursed her to sleep. Her grandpa or Papa as he likes to be called, held her for her entire nap, never letting go.

Tonight my brother popped by quickly to grab trailer to go fetch some wood and my mom went with him for company since it is going to be a late night for him. Denis and I went from a super fast pace to a leisurely stroll down the road in less time than it took for them to leave the driveway. We are so lucky to be able to go fast or go slow and enjoy both speeds.

Another thing I have forgot to mention, one of my moms clients discovered I came back from France with two pairs of pants… one being my maternity pants, and not many more tops. Her client has since taken to giving me beautiful hand me down clothes and today I got another large care package from her. 🙂 What fun, mom teases me that I have a personal shopper. Lily was over at her house today for a brief visit for nursing and Lily and the lady’s dog (German Shepard) fell in love at first sight. Lily giggling and the dog sneaking in little licks and nudges as Lily explored the kitchen and dining area. It won’t be long before she is walking, she is standing without holding on to things for what seems like ages now, Lily is on such a quest to discover her world… she is such a joy.


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