Just Another Day

Today is a good example of what our life looks like here in Canada.

Laid in bed thinking that it must not be as late as I thought since mom was not up yet for work. No, mom had turned off the snooze button on her alarm so when I heard her up and getting ready, my cue to get up and get ready for work as well, I soon discovered we had less than half the time we normally give ourselves to get out the door. We made it with only one small back track to get the garbage out for pick up.

The work went smoothly enough, no great surprises. The third clean I was waiting for Denis and Lily to show up for me to nurse her and have a wee visit and the clock just kept ticking along. I fluctuated between figuring they were busy and being worried until I started spending more time in the worried category. I wondered if we’d been in such a rush that he had ended up going to the wrong house, got a flat tire, ended up in a ditch, or other not happy ideas. I had simpler ideas of Lily having a poorly timed nap (according to my very full breasts) or simply they lost track of time having fun but I couldn’t stick with those thoughts. So mom let me borrow the car and I went looking for them. I found them, on their way to me from another house with a lady with a name very similar to the one we were at.

Visiting and nursing and cleaning of the house complete we headed home. Denis and Lily washed laundry (by hand) mom and I peeled a big pot of apples to make apple sauce of the freezer, supper was prepared, eaten and cleaned up, progress on moms house checked out, emails for clients read and sent back, talks about South Africa and research into visas and renewing drivers licences occurred, chickens sorted… need I go on? We keep busy, one day rolls into the next, they are never the same, almost always very full of activity.

I am not excite about having to start to sort visas again. I still have an aversion to them, although it is not as bad as it used to be. I used to fear it, now I just don’t like it. Seems like such a bother. I would rather have it that all countries let us travel about as we saw fit and all you had to do was behave in a manner acceptable to the place you are visiting. Break their laws pay their consequences. When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Well, since that is not going to happen fast enough to help us for our South African adventure we will have to jump through the hoops again. Once the paperwork is in the mail it seems easy enough. Now though it is bedtime, Denis is writing and I am typing and Lily is hanging out with her Grandma but now it is time to put it all down and snuggle up with the ones we love, before another day begins.


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