How did this happen? For months I never missed a post and now I seem to miss more than I write. Even when I have time these days I seem to forget that I am supposed to write, it is like I moved to Canada and though I don’t feel too disoriented I am so day to day that I forget things that are supposed to be daily.

Today I was cleaning a beautiful home office and I was thinking how nice it will be to one day have my own, how much easier it will be to organise myself and so on. I have to be honest though, it would make things nicer but an office is not going to remind me to do the things I want to do. I just have to do it, tonight Denis reminded me about the blog. I was all playful and happy after getting off the phone with a client and ready to play with Lily when Denis reminded me. He really is my rock.

So a wee bit about constitutions. Constitutions are a state of health but they also tell us what challenges a person might have.

I am a Silica, my strength is my principled nature. I don’t argue much but if my principles are at stake I will state my thoughts as clearly as I can. Silica weaknesses is we can be walked over if we don’t have an opinion about something, we tend to disappear in a crowd our voices lost when they have no passion.

Denis is a Phosphorus nature. He is all about connections and relationships. If they are not healthy they can lose their sense of self not knowing who they are because they don’t have boundaries. They have a warmth about them and they sparkle when excited (not the Twilight series sparkle but that kind that makes you want to hang out with them). They throw the best parties and always know who should sit with who, they are natural match makers.

Pulsatilla’s are the family first crowd. They are the one’s who once you are part of the family then you are always part of the family, no matter the years or distance that may separate you. Blood is of no consequence, you can be family with or without blood ties. If they are lacking health they can become manipulative and needy but with health they are the glue that holds the family together, and defends it when necessary.

Cal Carb’s are the pearl makers. They don’t travel, they don’t move fast, they often don’t even think fast. They can appear a bit slow but really they are just thinking it through and are solid in their thoughts and actions. They are the people who you can rely on to still be holding the fort (coaching little league, running the local fit it shop, selling homemade preserves at the local fair) years after you first met them.

Lycopodiums are brilliant at the corporate world. Anything where there is a hierarchy they excel at. They know how to climb ladders, they know how to be the top persons go to person. They don’t want to lead but they want the leader to notice them first.

Sulphurs are intense. They are the ones everyone notices, they are the ones who change the world (though the others can as well) because they become so passionate about something that they move mountains to get what they want. They are loved and despised equally at times, and they really don’t care that much about others opinions if they are following their heart.

I want to talk more but this is already a long post… will write again soon.


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