We don’t use nearly enough words to describe our feelings.

On top of that many of us rarely discuss our feelings. Yet feelings are so important. We talk about having a good life, a successful life, a life worth living, one without regrets and so on. Yet we keep our emotional health to ourselves, we even have a limited common vocabulary to express ourselves if we do happen to open up.

What does “happy” mean? What does “love” mean, “good”, “fine”, “ok” or “I’ve been better” mean? We need to work on developing language and communication skills that allow us to share and grow with others by having conversations about these tricky things.

Most people can’t even honestly tell you how they feel. I am a person who if you ask me how I feel I kinda get lost in the question. The very question itself is to vast for me to give a heartfelt answer so I resort to a simple blanket response, most often “good” or if I am feeling particularly open “never better”.

Really inside my head I am thinking things like; overall health is good, still have some complaints about my feet from the pregnancy periodically, my mind is at peace, my heart is full of love but missing my family while I work, however I am proud that we work so good as a team that I can work and know they are good, at the same time I am a bit concerned about my sugar intake lately and I wish I was less complacent about food, I am optimistic about the way the practice is starting out and I am a little melancholy for a few friends I don’t seem to be able to connect with very much now that life is so busy. Like a run on sentence my emotions are many, from great to a work in progress but thankfully none of those heart wrenching ones of fear, loss, pain, sorrow or others.

What about those people who do have those emotions, the hard ones, the ones that we don’t talk about? I want to be part of the movement that says “lets talk about that emotion”. I want to take the stigma away from the hurt, the pain the confusion and say ‘you know what, it’s okay to feel that”. I also want to be there when we work towards solutions, real empowerment of individuals so they can change their emotional story to a happy one. I have done it myself, I have seen others do it and though it is a lot of work that is my passion. Helping people grab the reins, to their quality of life, and getting the most out of each and every moment is such a wonderful feeling.

I enjoy it so much, that today I signed up for year 3 of Romantic Medicine to continue my education in creating a life worth writing about. I life I am proud to call mine.


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