It feels like forever since I have been able to write an entry for the blog. Adjusting to life in Ontario is taking a bit of time. Probably because each week has been a bit different from the last, so it makes it hard to find a rhythm. I think that is changing now, the manic chaos has subsided and now we are just busy.

After graduation and a scenic drive home turning a 5 hours drive into a 9 hours adventure we prepared for our next big event. A party to celebrate all that has happened since we last left Canada. Our wedding, Lily’s birth and my graduation. Our friends from France came to Ontario from their trip out in Alberta and headed away to see some sights and go camping. The party was this past Sunday and Each night we have gone to bed with me in such a state of tiredness that after Lily was asleep I did not have the energy to get back up.

We have a much less strenuous five months ahead of us now. We really did over fill the days, which took up many sleeping hours to fulfil all the things we wanted to do. Now we are back to filling just the days and finding rest time and ample sleep time. It is important that long term we are balanced but if on rare occasions we want to burn the candle at both ends it is nice to know we are good at it but we know when to stop too.

We are a real team, every where we go we adapt, now Denis is Lily’s primary person. I have been adjusting, sometimes I am sad to be away but I am happy to be working towards our greater goal (my practice will be run from our ever changing homes). Denis and Lily are so good together, she loves him so much and he is so good with her, teaching her naturally as she is ready. Right now he is teaching her about edges of things and when to bend to his advice to stop and come back to him. She is doing remarkably well with it. She lets me know that she would rather I stick around too but that can help her out. Especially in the early morning when I am trying got get up and in the evening when it is time to go to bed. I am still her snuggle friend at night. I cherish each and every night I get.

Tomorrow I get to go shopping for a few office supplies for the practice, Friday I take my first patient post school. I am very honoured to be getting going so quickly. I am ready and full of quiet joy at getting to do what I love.

A true life of love I have.


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