Graduation was a quiet affair, we attended a little ceremony and then headed back to our campsite at our friends house to have a quiet night. Some other folks went out for a meal but I was happy to just take it easy with Lily rather than heading to a restaurant. It was such fun this summer school, I missed a few faces but loved it other than that.

The drive home was such fun, we took the super scenic way, and I showed Denis and Lily where my family used to go for the weekend for many years. We’d love to have a bit of land up north somewhere to call our own. One day maybe. As for now the drive and the couple stops we made brought about a lovely feeling. Denis and Lily got into a river on the way home, some small falls. I thought it was too cold but they were happy. I would show you photos but I can’t find the lead that connects the camera to the computer.

Monday was busy at work and then our friend came in from her horse back vacation in Alberta. Seems she had a lot of fun but was also scared silly. She tells tales of horror, in her eyes, of the crazy places they went riding. My favourite tale was how when two of her guides disappeared around the trail and everyone else had to wait in line she got impatient with another woman and they peaked around the bend to see what was the hold up and there was the guide on his hands and knees scraping away at the side of a mountain trying to build a bit of trail to carry on where a washout had completely erased all signs of a path. My friend seems to have cursed a lot on the trip but still wants to come back and do another ride.

Today mom and I cleaned 5 houses, Denis and Lily joined at one so I could nurse and they came in for a bit. Lily decided to climb the 14 stairs to the second story of the house. Denis called me to witness it, as I was vacuuming down the hall. She made it all the way up with only one wobble when I spoke and distracted her as she did not think I was there. She is so strong and such a thinker. She will be running around in no time and we will be busy for the next 16 + years trying to keep up before we just have to watch her go on her own.

Looking forward to Sunday when we have our party to celebrate our wedding, February 5, 2014. Lily’s birth last November and now my graduation and the start of my practice. Next week I will officially start taking patients!

Not sure how my life could be more exciting right now. As always, feeling blessed to have Denis as my partner, lover and superhero dad to our daughter. I could not have done this without him.


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