Jurisdiction, Truth, Law, Love.

Each day we learn so much, each day stuff is reinforced, each day we grow. The more I study the more I see how much more there is to know. It is like when I started my studies I discovered a door. Upon walking through that door I discovered a large room of treasures, now there is a secret door that you kinda have to twist and turn to squish through, and now I see a whole new world. And that world has a sky full of galaxies.

It would be so overwhelming without  map and that is what we learn, how to read a map of how to really help ourselves and our patients. One size does not fit all. A quick little explanation given;

A patient comes to you who is unable to stop eating ‘Twinkies’. How do you deal with that?

Short answer, find the true cause of the addiction. Longer answer, the cause could be chemical addiction, emotional addiction, diseased mind state, and so on.

Finding truth is such an adventure, it is what I really love about this. Nothing is accepted at face value we always dig as deep as we can go, not just far enough to get the answer we are looking for but further, to see if what we think holds up beyond the accepted truth. Truth is always truth, we don’t have all the answers but we are making a map of how to navigate what the geniuses have discovered. Go to the source of the “discovery” and see how the information holds up.

A system or community of wisdom is what I am part of. Tomorrow marks the graduation of my first 8 years of study in Heilkunst. It was a long journey, lots happened in that time period, I have changed so much, and I am so happy to be able to continue my studies, tomorrow is not an end it is just a beginning of another stage of my growth. Officially I will start my third year of study of Romantic Medicine (see Wikipedia) the community that Heilkunst belongs to. I will also be starting my practice of Heilkunst officially at our party on August 16th. Life is good.

All this joy and I am further blessed with my family and friends. My cup runneth over.


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