All Is Well

I love what I study!

I am so very blessed. Last night after class we travelled back to our friends place, happily chatting the whole way. We had just the briefest bit of rain during dinner and then the weather cleared and we had a quiet night. Lily is loving the camping and though she is getting a few bites from the mosquitoes she does not have big reactions and she is not itching any of the bites she is getting. Tonight we are going to have to get into the lake, I don’t have the courage to have a cold shower in the morning, I just can’t wrap my head around it if there is another way to get clean.

That is later though and right now I am getting to submerse my spirit in the knowledge of so many great minds all cumulated in the lecture being given by two men. The wisdom being shared is so timely that it feels like, at times, that the information being dispensed has been catered for me alone and what I am doing currently in my personal life and my practice. Last night I talked to Denis about how excited I was with what we learned and tonight I will be even more excited. The beauty about what we are learning is it is principles and laws, so my dear friend sitting beside me is also applying what we are learning to her current life. Genius is timeless. It is also fun, exciting, and life giving.

I just looked out the window, and Denis has Lily in his arms, fast asleep. He is searching for her blankets and making the two of them a little cosy spot to sleep under a tree for the last of todays lectures. It is so nice having them around to enjoy lunch and breaks with. Seems Denis took Lily for a walk along the canal today and Lily decided she really liked someone and basically threw herself into his arms. She is such character, no fear and such a zest for life and curiosity that we never want to quench. All she will need is a little guidance from us to keep her from harmful things until she can discern what is resonate herself.

So all that is going on filling my heart and I am seeing photos from our friends who are travelling around Alberta for the first time, and other friends who are down in South Africa checking out the land that we are hoping to move to when our Canadian adventure comes to an end. Hearing from other friends who are waiting for babies to be born shortly, or enjoying babies who have recently been born. People moving, on holiday or just staying at home enjoying their lives.

It feels like there is a certain joy spending around right now… just like was taught in the lecture yesterday, when in love you see the whole world through that energy.


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