How fast one day disappears into the next.

What I thought would be one day missed has turned into four! It started out with me being very tired from a very late Thursday and I felt unable to write anything that would make sense so I opted to write Friday. Well Friday we headed off to my brother’s and then to my father’s houses. My dad does not have internet in his home and has limited mobility and so Friday’s entry was a bust.

The weekend was brilliant we went out on the boat, went swimming in the lake (wading for me, swimming for Lily and Denis) played with the various animals at my brother’s place, ate yummy food and did a bit of running around and a bit of shopping for our week at summer school. Sunday on our way back to mom’s the weather turned bad. Really windy and rainy and lightening… the lightening was incredible. One town over from mom’s place was full of trees that had been blown down. My Aunt later informed us that a tornado had touched down a bit south of us.

Needless to say Monday had no power/internet. I packed for summer school in Ottawa in the morning because our clean was cancelled due to lack of water and power. The afternoon clean had a generator, for the first half of the clean and mom and I managed to get it all done, which was great to have pocket money for our trip. Tuesday was crazy busy, two cleans in the morning (one house was new and I really liked it despite the freshly dead mouse under the grand piano) and then home to shower, finish packing the food and start our journey to Ottawa. It was a rather pleasant drive, I was worried how Lily would handle it but she was fine. It took a long time we left at 2:30pm and got in at 9:00pm one crazy rain storm, two deer, one rest stop at a giant apple that had all sorts of yummy things to eat and a little petting zoo and one crazy GPS that tried to send me down gravel roads and we made it.

We set up our tent in the dark and our friend had a generator to blow up the air mattress (which is possibly 18 inches high!) and we were ready for bed. Well, we should have been ready for bed, Lily was over excited. She loves camping it seems, she jumped and bounced and free fell all over the bed. Finally she threw herself across my belly and stopped wriggling.

This morning found us only 10 minutes late for class and I am now deep enough into learning about German philosophers that I am already playing catch up and thankful that this is being recorded and I can listen again later to let it really sink in.


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