Sunny Days

Work is getting easier, not that is was hard but I seem to be hitting a rhythm already which is good. Today I snacked on a banana early on in the first clean and it really perked up my energy. That said I was still tired coming home and I was so grateful that God sent me Denis to marry. Lily was sleeping and in her car seat when we popped home to pick her up for the errands and chores we had after the house cleaning, and then when we got back for the night he had sorted all the clothes for Lily that she has been given by my brother. The house was clean and he was washing dishes as fast as mom could make them. Her turn to cook and I just sat and relaxed. It is nice to have such a teammate that your day gets easier because of them.

When mom and I were running around we stopped at the grocery store to get ice cream as a treat since it is so incredibly hot. I must say I am absolutely shocked at the prices of food. I don’t remember it being quite so bad when we left three years ago and to eat healthy is jaw dropping expensive. What is going on? We are so very blessed that my mom and brother raise all the meat we eat. Sadly the deer got into mom’s garden this year so a lot of stuff has disappeared down their throats, I guess it is to be expected given where mom lives.

Speaking of food and where mom lives, tonight we are chasing a few extra mosquitoes that snuck in while we were waiting for mom’s cat to come home. Each night we make sure she comes back as there is a fox den about 400 meters from the trailer and that little momma is feeding four! The same number of chickens she has taken. My mom is not impressed and is a little worried for her cat’s well being. Lovely kitty but not the most athletic for keeping herself safe.

I must work on getting new photos now that we have found the camera, it was in a nice safe place, well hidden from my eyes. Tomorrow is a good day for that to start. Tonight I could only try and snap a photo of the moon.


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