Where is your hearts path?

Following my hearts path is so important to me, finding that path can be a challenge. Keeping to that path when I am tired or distracted has its challenges but I am getting so much better. I don’t get excited like I used to about stuff that really does not matter and right now I am pretty grateful for that. I seem to be really working on holding the space of peace steady while other choose to come and go in a state of unrest. To love people enough to let them work through their lessons with only offering support and not offering to carry them is a gift. To them and myself. No one can do the work of another on their behalf. Martin Luther fought the church so many years ago for selling indulgences to family members of deceased folks.

An odd bit of history to be remembering but it makes sense to me. When in Germany 2 years ago for my birthday Denis took me to the church that the 95 theses were nailed to. I am not personally attached to any specific organised religious teaching but I pull wisdom from the great teachings when I can. Mostly I find that the hardest part about reading old texts (including but not limited to the Bible) is that the deeper meaning is lost in the translation. I hated Shakespeare as a girl, I was so literal and I found his work incredibly difficult to understand. Why write about great things but hide it in a language that is barely understandable for it real jewels it contains? Why not speak plainly?

I guess it is because simple language can be corrupted, the meaning can be altered to fit the beliefs of the person or society who is interacting with it. I feel that we interact with knowledge whether it be in the written form or other manner. That said even since we were kids we have all had different experiences of the same written word, just think back to your english classes. Everyone was assigned the same book and everyone had a different impression of the book at the end of reading it. The hard part is that the teacher often took the stance that there was a right and wrong way to interpret the book. I even had to read a book in collage in which the author himself wrote a forward apologising to students that they had to look for a deeper meaning in his simple story. The author claimed it was a simple story and that was all he intended to write. The teacher however had a very different opinion and made us rip the book apart finding things that were there if we looked for them but in finding them we missed the story.

I think that is also like life, sometimes it is simply what you see and sometimes it is so much more than the surface. Life is about knowing how to tell the difference.


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