I am working on very little sleep and a whole lot of excitement. I expect to crash this weekend.

Our flight home was easy, no trouble foreman end to the other. Lily was a star, she was curious, happy, engaged with some passengers, loved the chocolate treat I brought for her for take off and decent. She slept through the first movie, dinner and part of the second movie, and now I wish even more than I did then that I could have joined her for a nap. I did not know how she was going to handle it as she’d already had 2 long days and is cutting that first tooth. I don’t know why I worried, she always comes through like a champ.

Some exciting news is we got 6 months here in Canada. We can stay for Lily’s first birthday and Christmas! It will also give me time to start to build my practice and really enjoy my/our family here. The immigration office first looked confused when I asked for extra time, and when I pointed out that we had flag-poled a couple years ago and Denis had been given 5 months he understood what I meant and he gave us 6 months, the max the computer would let him for a walk up admittance. We said a prayer before we headed to the counter and another in thanks after being granted even more then I hoped for.

Today Lily awoke early, still in transition for the time change. She was so sweet and tried to stay quiet but at 5 am she sat up needing her potty and that was it, she was awake until 8 am when I started work with mom. IT was a short cleaning day but a long day for me, I am truly tired. Glad mom gave me some slack and helped me get my part of the clean done, I was in a bit of a daze now and then… Did I vacuum or just dust this room? Did I dust that table? Where was the spot on the floor from the cat being sick? Over all I think I did okay and mom was, as I said, kind.

Lily and Denis hung out at the second house in the garden while mom and I worked so I could nurse Lily. I am not sure what the longer term plan will look like but it was nice that they were just outside. After being so close for so long it seems weird to be apart from Denis (and Lily) for any length of time. I truly love my family, I am very blessed.

Tomorrow is another long day, but the weekend should be more relaxed. We need a day of nothing to do but rest and eat, possibly two by the time tomorrow is over. After summer school, my graduation and the party it should calm down into a routine… I hope.

Off to join my family who is already sleeping.


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