First Leg Down

So, the first leg of our journey has had us doing detours around protesting farmers to get to the train station. Then a 4 hours train ride became a 7 hours train ride. They fed us to say sorry, it was a mix of good and not so good. Lily tired the tuna after the organic apple sauce and puked everything in her tummy up all over me and her. So now she is officially in her new clothes sized 9-12 months.

We only realised we were at our stop rather late as we thought we were the last stop. The train man (conductor?) helped us off. Then we tried to get a taxi and they refused us and told us to go get a shuttle. We found where to do that without much difficulty and God granted us a bit of sanity by having our shuttle show up right as we did. We got a private van to our hotel and tipped our driver well to say thanks for letting our Lily finally fall asleep in her Moby Wrap stuck to my chest.

Now we are in the cutest little hotel room, possibly my favourite little hotel room. There is a double bed with a single bed above it now space wasted. I want a shower but may have to wait until morning… will see how Lily handles the switch from me to bed.

Going to be short tonight, got another big day tomorrow with our superhero little girl.

Going to miss the farm and especially our friend, good thing we see her in a few weeks when she comes to visit.


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