Tourists, Tractors, and a Tooth

One word… Busy!

Today was our last chance to go to Mont St. Michel with Denis. I really wanted him to see it as I was well and truly impressed with the place when we went with mom back in February. We had a late start but had a beautiful visit, lovely lunch and then leisurely stroll back to the car. If you get the chance I think it is an incredible feat of craftsmanship the Abby and of course all the other buildings that have popped up around the centrepiece of the little island. It is nice that it was not destroyed in any of the wars that have been waged in the surrounding areas. Denis commented that to really appreciate a place like that you need to spend a lot of time there, discovering the stories it has to tell. About how it was built, why they picked that spot, where the materials were found and how they got it to the island and so much more. I think Lily is going to have a fabulous time discovering this world with her daddy (and I).

When we left the parking lot to head home a unexpected adventure started, seems the farmers were upset about prices they were getting for their products (not sure which products) but they had blocked the roads around the island and traffic was crazy. We got past the tires and tractors on our road by going up on the sidewalk and then we headed down a number of little tiny roads that our friend had never been on. Lily at some point decided it was hot and she was not impressed with the car ride and started to make a fuss. I couldn’t believe it! She has a little tiny tooth popping through her gums the bottom left. If she had not been upset with the car ride I would not have known, she had such a good day, all smiles and bright eyes. She made a lot of strangers smile and enjoy her company. Young and old are captivated by her. At one point Denis sat with her on a bench while we were getting tickets into the Abby, it was like he was offering free ice-cream, little girls came out of nowhere to play with her. They found her again later in the Abby and again wanted to play. Adults smiled and forgot they were in a long line up as Lily brought a certain joy to all. Hard to be cranky and impatient when one so small is having such a good time.

She actually had such a good time it has made for a late night, when we got home we started packing and Lily who had only caught a short nap in her daddy’s arms for part of the tour and during lunch (she woke for dessert) played and yelled and bounced and stood until 11pm! It is our last sleep here, I am a little sadder than I thought I was but it will be okay.


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