Time Flies

Running out of time.

It is late, again. My internal clock is all messed up, Denis teased me the other day that I am preparing for the time change in Canada. That would be nice, I start work with mom bright and early the day after we arrive. Only thing is, I still want to get the most out of the last few days while we are here. Today was a good day, I finished a project I wanted to do for our friend. Denis made a frame for me and I made a collage of memories from our time here. It took a long time to sort through the photos, and it made me think that this year I am going to make a memory book for Denis and I of our story so far. I can make it our Christmas gift to us and Lily will have it when she is older.

Lily played with bathtub paint today. She had such fun with the colours, it was her first time with anything like that. She has not used crayons or any other material that leaves a mark. Her paint for today was soap with cornstarch and food colouring. She started out with the three primary colours but had every colour by the time Denis rinsed her off from the fun bubbles. We will miss the bathtub here, it is huge and has a large flat area perfect for messy fun.

I might go riding in the next day or two, I finally have the urge to do that after spending over 10 months with the horses here.  At first I would not let myself want to, I did ride once while pregnant with Lily, back in Scotland on a little highland mare I had ridden almost daily in January before I fell pregnant. It was just a easy ride in the hills as I arrived on our friends doorstep rather ill from the car ride and proceeded to vomit into a cup as I was not going to make it to the bathroom in time. Thankfully she was a midwife and took it all in stride, knowing that once the nausea had passed I was fine to play with the horses. I am okay with it having taken this long for me to want to ride again, I just wonder if we will find time.

I feel like that now, like there is not enough time to do everything, my dear friend commented that the closer we get to our travel day the faster time will seem to go. She is right, I know this and I am okay with it. I had a little lull in my energy today right after my first attempt at printing our gift for our host/friend was unusable. I thought about all the time I had ‘wasted’ since the end result was so dark you could not see many of the photos. Denis came up with the solution of using different paper as the printer is so old there is no option to brighten or darken the printing. It is not perfect but it is wonderful.

Lily’s choice yesterday.


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