Catch Up

So I missed two entries, and I have good reason. We have had an incredibly busy and wonderful and emotional week last week. I have only now started to feel normal in energy.

Our flight was great, no trouble with immigration at either end, and Denis was even given more time that we hoped simply because we asked if we could stay for Lily’s first birthday. We now have time to relax, breathe and really enjoy ourselves. The flight itself was so much better than I anticipated, we were given seats right behind business class so we had extra leg room and no seat back (it was a wall) to bump the passenger in front of us. Lily had no trouble with take off or landing, she got to eat chocolate to help her ears equalise with the change in cabin pressure. It was a huge hit. She slept for half the flight and entertained passengers for the other half. When everyone was disembarking I asked Denis if we could wait and be last off because of the rushing and jostling that can occur. Lily sat on the back of the seat bouncing and smiling and really engaging the passengers as they got off. She was voted best baby on board and one lady said she no longer wanted to wait a ear before she had another baby! Go Lily, spread your joy!

Thursday I worked with my mom, and it was not as bad as it could have been, I was tired but it was not the really tough cleans. Next week might be a different story.

Friday was as full as we could make it. Mom, Denis, Lily and I all piled into the car and headed off to get work clothes for me (which there was a lovely second hand store having a 50% off sale) propane for the trailer, a visit with my brother and his son who calls Lily “Cousin Lily”. He is such a sweet boy, he gave Lily a few toys he had outgrown and Lily loves them! Then we went to my dad’s and my brother took us out on the boat. It is a pontoon boat and great for little people. Lily sat on the floor and her cousin held her to be ‘safe’ when we went a little faster. I was not going to get in because it was not that warm, but my brother teased me and so I got in. We had a bunch of fun and not he way home we got a little seat for Lily to join us at the table with her own tray.

Since then we have been swimming again at a contact of my mom’s, Lily and I had a big restorative nap, enjoyed good food and got all unpacked.

I am really looking forward to our time here, and now I should be back on track for work too. Lunch is called, will talk again this week.


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