Cookies and snuggles.

I didn’t eat one, and I don’t even want to.

I made cookies today, it’s been a couple months I think since I made some. I have made lots of other baked goods but not cookies, not for awhile. Normally, when I bake something that is small and portion sized like that, unless there is a certain amount needed I try one, just to make sure they taste the way they are supposed to taste. It seems silly yes, but when I was young I entered into a local Country Fair’s baking competition. I come from a family of wonderful women who know how to find their way around a kitchen, my grandma used to clean up at the fair she entered each year so I had my sights set high. I almost lost the battle even before I entered because I had mistakenly used cornstarch in the place of icing sugar for my brownie frosting. Both products were bought in bulk and in the same kind of bag, they have a very similar consistency too, so if I had not ‘tasted’ my frosting before I put it on my brownies I would have surely given the judges a taste they would not have enjoyed. I have no worries about todays cookies, I know they will last good and it was nice not to crave the sweetness of them.

Maybe because I was showered in other sweetness today. Lily is always a joy, we love being with her, we love watching her discover her world, we are amazed by her. Today she had a snuggly day which is not rare but is not an everyday thing either. She holds us and gives cuddles but a snuggly day is different. She initiates full body cuddles burying her head into our necks or she holds our faces with her hands or presses her cheeks to ours. There is something so sweet about her spontaneous snuggles and to have a day filled with them is simply precious. Maybe thats why I did not want a cookie. 🙂

Time is ticking fast, we decided not to go to Lily’s birth town today to see the Tour de France roll through. We thought about it but decided that it was not worth the long day to us. I would like to make one last trip to Fougeres next week though, to get a couple postcards of the area for Lily’s baby book but today would have been chaos. I also want Denis to see Mont Saint-Michel before we go. I went with our friend and my mom back when she visited in February but Denis didn’t make the trip. Funny, we have another friend who is doing exactly what we are doing right now but in South Africa. She is packing up her family and preparing to move to Canada. For her it has been many years and she now has 4 beautiful kids. For us it is just under a year and we are only picking up our travels again rather than moving permanently to Canada.


2 thoughts on “Cookies and snuggles.

  1. I am so enjoying your blog, reading about all your discoveries with Lily as she grows. No doubt you will be getting busy preparing for your travels-I hope you will be able to keep your blog going while en route.
    As the Irish blessing says, ‘May the wind be forever at your back’. Love to you all from the Guernsey spinner and OH. x


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