Cure, Heal or Palliate?

Have you ever thought about what it means when symptoms go away?

Most of us would say no. At one point in my life I was happy with simply making symptoms go away myself. I even remember, and I am sure my mom does too, saying “mommy, make it go away!”, when I was particularly unwell with a very upset stomach. I did not care at the moment for anything other than relief. I was a child and that is perfectly acceptable for a child to not care about more than the current state of discomfort. However, now that I am an adult in order to have any liberty I need to also have equal amounts of responsibility. Knowing that relationship I now care more about why I am having symptoms, than the symptoms themselves.

Symptoms can be a sign of;

1. a disease

2. a condition – imbalance

3. a false belief

Or any combination of the above.

If you have a disease and you treat the symptoms you have not addressed the disease. No one would find it sane to treat measles with a topical cream to remove the rash. We all know that rash or no rash that person has measles until it has run its course, if all you are doing is making the rash go away.

Now what about when we have coughs, runny nose, itchy eyes? We say we are ‘all better’ after taking suppressive drugs which stop the undesired symptom. This is palliating and if the body has its natural method of elimination taken away it will find another way to address the problem. You would never do this consciously. Yet, each time you reach for a tablet to: soothe away the aches and pains, to loosen the phlegm and suppress the cough, to remove the redness and itching, or any other symptom, you are taking away the symptoms of a problem without addressing the cause and that leads to more symptoms.

I want to address the causes. In order to do that we need a true symptom picture. The best way to do that is to remove all symptoms of imbalance. This is the area of regimen and the effect is healing! Good regimen looks at four points; nutrition, hydration, sleep and exercise. When these are in balance the body is able to heal and symptoms that were simply conditions of imbalance go away.

When the body has a disease, chronic in nature or acute you can destroy the disease and thus cure the patient. The symptoms will dissipate as the body heals itself, if it is strong enough. Body’s need good regimen to have the energy to do this, so you might as well keep up those good habits you started in order to see what symptoms you have are truly a reflection of disease and which are simply imbalance.

What it all boils down to is good regimen (foods, hydration, sleep and exercise) is absolutely one of the best things you can do for yourself.


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