First cool windy day in ages, my young horse friend was bucking his joy, so I decided today was not the day for his first ride, I’ve only been bucked off once in my life, and I plan to keep it that way.

We watched a movie today, about juicing. I know about juicing having been introduced to it first through school but having carried on my education because of my own interest. The movie today was not one of the best ones I’ve seen, it was advertised as a documentary but it came off more as a fancy advertisement for one particular man’s work. His books, his wellness centre, his program.

What the movie did talk about was how people are reluctant to take responsibility for their health by simply thinking that doctors will give then a pill when unwanted symptoms arise in their life. It is not so much a conscious decision but rather more of a cultural acceptance. The movie noted that in at least America there are commercials encouraging people to ‘talk to your doctors’ about this or that drug if you have this or that symptom. The shocking part is that they include some side effects in the commercial. When the folks, who were doing a 28 day juice diet in the movie, read the side effects of the medication they were taking, they were appalled, one man looked astonished that a side effect for one of his medications was, death! His wry response was, ‘I’ll be sure to talk to my doctor if I die”.

On the up side of all this was that though all the people had a bit of a tough time at the beginning, they had all gotten through the worst of it by the end of the 28 supervised days. Thus they were all able to maintain a new level of dietary health and they all continued to gain great overall health benefits. It should go without saying that when a person is in a state of health they are not going to actively do things that cause disease or depletion to their wellbeing. However as a society, we have come to accept a state that is not healthy and we ‘fix’ any issues, not searching for the cause, but by merely suppressing the symptoms. It takes a great deal of courage to be willing to make those first steps towards health. We instinctively know that the transition from what we are attracted to, to what resonates with us, is going to be messy and possibly painful physically and/or emotionally. What we don’t seem to focus on is that the discomfort  is relatively short lived and in return you get a longer happier life.

I know not all symptoms are caused by poor eating habits, but why not remove the symptoms that are by consuming the best foods you can? One of the great minds behind the system of medicine I studied and continue to study, taught over 200 years ago, of this need to have a clear symptom picture in order to truly cure patients that need curing and heal those who simply need healing.

will continue tomorrow.


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