It took until 3:30 this afternoon and a lot of TLC on Denis’ part but I am well again.

Gosh that was rough, and I am still such a suck when I have an upset tummy. I did reasonably okay with the fever, yes I cried from exhaustion and the chills and whatnot but my mind was okay. When the nausea started my mind flashed back to my first trimester with Lily and I kept thinking, good thing Lily is so wonderful I could never go through that again! Mind you now that I am feeling strong and good again it all seems like feverish talk, hey wait, it was feverish thoughts. Thankfully through it all both Denis and Lily really did comfort me and take care of me.

I actually felt so good that I was able to get the saddle on the colt here tonight, he was in the right mood and I was feeling good so we had a very positive first saddling. If all goes well he will have been ridden by the end of the week to. Just to give him something to think about while his body continues to mature for the next year of so. I like starting young horses very gently and positively then giving them time off to go think about it. He is going to be a great all terrain friend. He is kinda flashy too and it is always nice to have such a good reaction from a horse when you are introducing them to things they will see many times in their life.

However, the best part of my day was being cared for, and talking to Denis (once I was feeling better) that we both feel that we have done a lot of work on ourselves as individuals and now we get to strengthen our bond together even more. It is a nice feeling to be able to be weak and he will carry our family until I am well again and can help as well. We have never really had this chat before and it was natural and easy and not over talked or thought about, just a statement of fact. It is a very cool place to be.

With that we also moved on to talking about where we are going, for how long, and why and what is happening after that. We agree on all of it, no compromising, no arguing each others sides to see which is best. We are simply 100% on the same page. Lying beside my husband tonight, who has our daughter cuddled up next to him I feel at home. At home in my heart, at home in my soul, at home with HIM.

I am blessed.


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