Things change.

This weekend was another whirlwind of activity and folks coming over. We got to meet the lovely folks who spin the wool from the alpacas here, they are the best kind of people to call friends and I got so excited for their short visit that Lily slept through most of it and when she did wake up I forgot to let them see Lily play with the little Owl pillow that she knitted for Lily as a present. They did get to see her which it almost looked like they would not as Lily was having an unusually long afternoon nap for a Saturday.

The weather was lovely all weekend and horses were ridden, dogs walked, tractors driven and every other vehicle around by a very enthusiastic young man just short of being allowed to drive legally. Beep, beep you hear from the field, from the yard and from the field again. I remember my brother letting me drive standard for the first time, I was 12, I was so grateful but I don’t think he had much fun as it only happened the once in my memory. Thank goodness we had dirt bikes and snowmobiles for me to have fun with, the car was not to be my toy.

Today has been a very different day than the weekend. I am sore, I am tired, I am not sure if my body wants to have a fever or a bladder infection or both. I have a couple random bruises that I can’t fully explain that are causing a great deal of pain as they interfere with nursing a bit. My head wants to explode and my neck is taking a trip down memory lane for the old accident I was in over 10 years ago. Thankfully I finally got smart and asked Denis to take care of me for a while so I can heal from what ever it is that is causing me such discomfort. I am betting it is a combo of emotional and physical exhaustion.

So I am off to be cared for but a great man whom I was lucky enough to marry. I think I will even be a good patient and do as suggested by my husband/doctor.


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