The Little Things

I stayed up way to late last night.

So this morning when Lily woke at an unusually early or for her, she had to rely on her daddy to help her out. I was so tired I felt a little ill. She woke to a bad dream and for the first time ever she needed to be walked to come out of it. She used to have nightmares between midnight and 3 the first month she was home, but all of her bad dreams since then have been dissipated with a little cuddle and she is off to sleep again. I wish I knew what she dreams about, when I was a girl I had a few different nightmares that I would cycle through. Eventually they went away but not until late into my teens. I had a few nights where they returned in the last three months but otherwise nothing. I know how I would be paralysed with fear some nights, unable to even call out to my parents and it is because of this that I don’t tell her there is nothing to cry about, Denis and I tell her she is safe now an simply hold her tight.

After soothing our little girl from her nightmare Denis left us to get more sleep. He surprised me with weeding the flower gardens for me. They had gotten out of hand as the vegetable gardens always seemed more important to me. I am so tickled with how it all looks now, the flower gardens really are beautiful when cared for. Plus they will be nice for our host to enjoy and show off this weekend with her guests calling round.

As the day carried on and we worked as a team I was again stuck by how beautiful our relationship is. A balance of support and challenges, a comfortable feeling of knowing we are both actively growing and nurturing our marriage. We are blessed.

This evening found us playing host, for our host, to her friends as they arrived before she was able to make it home from work. Lovely people, and the lady is quite horse friendly so I think tomorrow Dougal might be saddled for the first time, and we might pop someone up on his back. Just to give him something to think about.

It was a good day and we again got lots done, I love my life, now to catch up on some sleep.


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