A Magical Monday

Weekends never cease to be a blur.

This weekend we had a ‘never experienced that before’ moment. We were in the vegetable garden when we heard this buzzing. Denis spotted it first but I reacted first or had controlled panic first. Honey bees, an entire hive was on the move, headed right for us. Now I know they are a bit dopey when doing this mass move thing but with Lily with us I was not about to invite a rare sting into our lives so I had us running for the house and shutting all doors and windows as fast as we could. Thankfully we did as they hung out by our bedroom balcony door for a good couple of minutes. It was incredible to experience, the sheer number of bees was impressive. Denis took photos but all he managed to capture was lots of little dots speckled all over the background.

We ate potatoes from our garden on Saturday. Even though we are biased they were still exceptionally good potatoes. We had a bunch of fun plucking them from the ground, Lily tasted a few before they went into the bowl to be brought in for cooking. I am pretty sure she liked them better boiled with a bit of butter than raw with a bit of dirt. The tomato plants are massive, Denis has been tending his three and I let mine go wild. We were experimenting with different methods to see who would get the best harvest. I think he will get more tomatoes but mine look like a forrest so very big and bushy. Also the various squashes are coming along nice, we should be able to try them two weeks from now.

Denis and I had an incredible talk today, a bit of insight into each of our characters we shared with each other as we get to know ourselves more and more. I also took some advise he imparted to me yesterday which was go outside just to enjoy it not just to work. So, Lily and I watched him work in the late afternoon and we had so much fun it was after 7 when we all came in for supper. Denis is clearing the forrest floor so that it can be used by the animals. It is so cool and peaceful now where he has worked that it is relaxing just sitting in there, out of the heat and away from the bugs. He has spent many, many hours cutting, clearing, and levelling the ground with the tractor and chainsaw. It is beginning to look like it is going to be a city park!

After supper we went out again and we all did chores before we decided it was such a beautiful evening we’d graze the horses down the driveway and enjoy the sun setting. To our absolute delight we discovered the cherry tree was covered in ripe cherries.


2 thoughts on “A Magical Monday

  1. A life lived lovingly and with appreciation brings so many small pleasures, like your cherries. My property is covered with little wild strawberry plants that are just ripening now, so when I am walking my dog we get to feast on them.


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