Rough Beginning.

You know that feeling of when you don’t like something and so you keep changing the way you are looking at it, hoping for a different result. That was me this morning.

You see when I let the chickens out, only one chick came outside, both momma hens but only one chick. A quick head count and I was also missing a red hen, so I wondered around to the door that would let me into the hen house to find her. There she was sitting in a nest, with only eggs under her, no chick. Now, because of the distance between the gate to the field and the door to the hen house enough time had passed that I thought maybe the little one had made it outside while I was going inside. So I headed back out to the chicken yard but from a different direction, trying to change the outcome. It didn’t work, we’ve lost one of our babies. Now I am worried for the other one, I sure hope whomever came to take the first one, does not get to the second. I thought about bringing it inside until it was big enough to roost, but then the other chickens might not accept it back. Bummer, I said a little prayer for it when I changed their water tonight, I sure hope we still have our wee friend in the morning.

It was a day for bits and bobs, we took more straw to the pigs, they are now have so much that they almost disappear which is impressive given the size of them. Of course right after dropping off the new bedding they both decided to take a mud bath for the rest of the day. I don’t think they value clean bedding enough, it is one of my great joys, clean sheets and climbing in fresh from the shower, it just feels so nice.  They are missing out.

While weeding (never ending weeding) I discovered that our squash plants are full of flowers. So exciting that we will get to harvest and eat summer squash with Lily before we have to go. We will certainly take a photo of that, we have the photo of her planting the seeds, in late March I think, but it could have been April.

Lily is so sensitive to our emotions, earlier in the day Denis was dealing with rather unpleasant emails and it was causing both of them a fair amount of grief, poor Lily cried the hardest she ever has. There was nothing we could do for her but hold her and talk soothingly. She ended up falling asleep on my chest and was doing the little hiccups in her sleep, you know the ones, they only happen after a soul wrenching cry. Denis napped with her and then when they woke it was like all had been released and they were both full of sunshine.

My day ended with us all singing along to music on YouTube. Lily is such a lover of music and dance, she makes you leave your inhibitions behind and just go with it.

We started the day with sadness but ended in love.


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