Parlez Anglais?

Lily and I wondered into the barn today to find our most relaxed horse having a rodeo all by herself.

The other horses were scattered around the walls of the barn while Maise bucked and spun in the middle. Concerned by her odd behaviour we took a closer look and discovered she was being bitten by a large bug on her back and was unable to reach it with her teeth or tail. She was trying to buck it off. She is a lovely sensible mare and a few soft words from me and she stopped her efforts and let me brush it away and give a good scratch to the area bitten. It took my two swipes at the bug to dislodge it, it is honestly the biggest wasp looking thing I have ever seen. Saw my first one the day before on Lily’s potty, hope I don’t see anymore now that I know they bite, hard! This evening the horses were still in the barn, waiting for the relief the night will bring when the biting bugs go to bed.

Lily had a great day, puttering about, playing, watching all the animals and I found her favourite book again. It has only been missing since the beginning of the week but we read it many times to make up for the lost time. I love that she enjoys being read to so much, I hope it stays with her as I love books myself. We are all readers in our family so at the very least she will be well exposed to all kinds of books.

The cat just came in, it is a bit freaky being up so late (almost midnight) and the house so quiet, to all of a sudden hear footsteps coming confidently to the room, my heart beats quickened for just a moment before the brain kicked in.

My energy levels are way up these days which is good, lots is happening as I’ve said before, and their is no end in sight but that is good too. Today I challenged myself many times over when placing various phone calls to a few organisations here. I was not feeling very brave about trying to talk in french but in the end I did okay. A few times there would be words I’d never heard before and the person I was talking to had no other way of explaining what they were trying to say. In these moments I would feel a tinge of despair as I really would like to have the answers I am speaking but, in the end I just had to relax and have a bit of a laugh, stress was not going to help. Ice cream did but the bit of stress did not. In the end I found a lead to a bilingual person who may be able to help. Fingers crossed I can get in contact with them tomorrow.

Another beautiful day with the two loves of my life.


One thought on “Parlez Anglais?

  1. I love reading your stories! I had to laugh at the cat scaring you as it reminded me of one of the most terrifying (but totally in my imagination) events of my youth. When I was old enough to be left home on my own my parents would go out some Friday nights until around midnight, and I was so afraid to be in the house alone that I would sit in the armchair in front of the tv for the entire evening and only get up if I absolutely had to, run to the washroom or kitchen as quickly as I could before returning to the imaginary safety of the armchair. The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, whatever crappy show was on the two channels we got lulled me into a feeling of security from the bad people I imagined were just waiting for a lapse in my vigilance to swoop down on me.

    Well, one night, for some reason, I had to go upstairs to my room for something, must have been very important because once I was upstairs I would be trapped by any intruder so I had to muster up all my courage to take this perilous journey. So, finally, during a commercial I ran up the stairs, grabbed whatever it was I needed, and was turning to go back into the hallway towards the stairs when I heard a familiar creak — someone was coming up the stairs!! To get me!! My imagination created the most terrible, dangerous, scary individual possible and I stood, frozen in fear, unable to move in case they heard me. I couldn’t run away, I couldn’t hide, I was trapped!

    As I stood there, paralyzed in absolute terror, heart beating madly and hardly breathing, I saw the shadow of the approaching intruder, yes, it wasn’t just my imagination, THERE REALLY WAS A MONSTER COMING TO GET ME!!!!! There was no escape, this was it, the worst of all fears coming to pass… and then as he appeared… I saw that it was my sweet little cat, coming to see what I was doing. I wish I had the remedy Stramonium back then, and the benefit of Heilkunst to slay all of my imaginary monsters.

    Reflecting on that story, I now more fully appreciate my shy and sensitive new puppy’s fear of her new surroundings. I think she is a Silica, and that means she is just as sensitive as I am and it takes a lot of courage for her to come out of the safety of her den and into the scary world. She does want to come out though, so I’m trying to show her, gently and slowly, that there are fun and awesome things to do in this wonderful world, if she can learn to trust that her new pack has her back. And that it is better to pee in the bushes than in her nice den. Maybe she needs some Stram…


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