Ever battened down the hatches for a bit of peace from the wind and it ends up feeling like you invited a hurricane to try and blow your world apart?

It feels like we are in the centre of a storm right now, hand in hand and solid together, but having no idea which way the storm is heading and how long it will last nor what damage will be left in its wake. Life is like that every now and then, thank goodness for strong foundations, great loves (near and far), Lily cuddles and of course Heilkunst. With all that in place and our strong faith that there is a flow to life, a reason for everything and God as we understand Him, has made certain laws, we do our best to take care of our responsibilities and let go of anything outside that.

Simultaneously while the storm swirls around us so many wonderful things are happening right now that we can’t stop smiling, laughing and being thrilled for where we are going, no matter the challenges along the way. Friends of ours are following their passions, great ones and small ones and sharing their excitement with us; from new bicycles, a puppy needing a name, tiny houses for maximum freedom of energy, and a growing community of like minded souls for the South African project, we can’t help but notice how incredibly blessed our life is. Add that to our daily little joys of Lily’s excitement over discovering her world, two healthy little chicks growing their first feathers, me thinking Denis was crashing about in the kitchen only to discover the two year old horse in the house… again! We have an exciting and fulfilling life.

Housekeeping note: Denis has noticed a few typos lately in my entries. I don’t always prioritise editing above family time. If Denis and Lily are happy playing/chilling amongst themselves, for sure I will read and reread until I have picked out all the issues I can find. However, if time has slipped away from us, as it sometimes does, and Lily is ready for nursing or bed, I am afraid I just don’t care about autocorrect choosing the wrong word, for a missing comma, for a run on sentence, and other little errors. I am telling you now, I am sorry it makes it hard to read at times, that it can take away from the meaning, that it can be a annoying to read silly errors. Mont you, though I am sorry it will probably happen again and again, but never on purpose.


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