Syphilis Miasm

As I touched on yesterday Miasms are a predisposition to certain characteristics.

Most of us understand DNA and how we have two bits of info for each gene and only one is active. Simple things like the colour of our eyes to family traits including emotional and physical aliments and strengths. Miasms are like DNA in that they are inherited but it is not only genetics that play a part. It is also not just individuals that can express miasmatic traits but also entire societies and cultures.

The Syphilitic miasm has a general theme of Self/Destruction also a feeling of begin trapped. Each of the eight chronic miasms have a general theme, getting progressively more debilitating. Syphilis is number seven. Though a strong Syphilitic presence will not indicate a strong presence in the other seven miasms. Each person will show their own ‘recipe’ of influence from each of the eight, but themes will run in a family.

Syphilis can show in children as excessive growing pains, or bone pain in adults. All ulcerative conditions have the essence of Syphilis, things breaking down, destruction, decay, self harm, excessive ‘permeant body art’ such as tattoos and piercings. are a few physical manifestations. Mentally they man develop strange behaviours, even to themselves but they are unable to stop, often fearing and sometimes succumbing to insanity. They can have compulsive behaviours or feel the desire to do one off weird things. They are irritable often lashing out at others and blaming and criticising nursing a life sucks attitude. This can develop into a deep depression leading to committing suicide, not simply having suicidal thoughts.

They develop addictions easily, often serious hard core drugs are involved. Alcoholism is often present in families with this miasm present, and the familial bond is weak with individuals finding it hard to connect to each other and sometimes people outside the family as well. They are often worse in the evenings with any symptoms and so they can dread the night, (self medicating) to get through until morning.

Syphilis is not much fun, even a mild dose, though mild versions can present in charismatic leaders or self talk they’the energy still leads the follower to do the things they know they should not, whether it is one more drink or other addiction or the more horrific acts of mass suicide or murder as has been enacted out by members of cults run by notoriously sick yet charismatic individuals.

Oh a happy note, Heilkunst will remove the layers of this and all the other miasms so patients do not suffer the seasonal (or when very prevalent, constant stresses) of the Syphilitic energy.

To end things on a lighter note, yet keeping with the theme. Today I was running around France with Denis and Lily trying to sort some paperwork that has been giving me grief. One place gave me a number to call so we found free WiFi at a McDonalds and I watched as Lily ate her first french fries. Not something that will happen often, but she sure loved them with their addictive taste.

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