Miasm Monday

Today Lily is seven months old. I shared a tiny bit of chocolate no bigger than my fingernail with her to celebrate. Her dad took her walking in the forrest to watch the trees say in the wind.

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, our longest day of the year, the first day of summer. It was a gorgeous day here on the farm, it was so nice we ended up being awake until after 11pm. It was also Father’s Day in Canada and many other countries around the world. I called my dad, and wished Denis a happy day, of which we decided, like we did for me, that each day is a special day with Lily in our life. Yep we are that sappy! However we all not all goo, we also have gook, and and that is not nearly so warm and fuzzy. This time our gook took centre stage for a few heated chats, some ending in laughter and some not.

You see, there has been a bit of tension in the last two days as we try and balance our current moods. This is only a problem when we both retreat to the most extremes of our personalities. He with the-devil-may-care attitude and I with the toe-the-line, fear-the-authority mindset (though my heart is libertarian). Time, talks, naps and awareness of the influences of the miasmatic enemies just coming into play with the arrival of summer helped to sort the cause and so lessen the impact of the feelings. Carrying on with Heilkunst care will get us through the rest of the bumps of the season.

Many of you reading this will wonder what I mean when I refer to miasmatic influences. They are the chronic inherited characteristics you possess, passed through the family from one generation to the next but also they can be your karmic baggage. Often both. We all have them, they manifest differently for each of us, but they are there. Depending on our life path they can either be dormant or active at various times and good life choices (from eating well to mental and spiritual health) can help to dissipate the symptoms they cause. There is a lot more to the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How but that will do for now.

Right now we have headed right into the start of one of the eight chronic miasms, Syphilis. I want to spend more time talking about this so I’ll leave off here and start again tomorrow. For a quick example of what a person suffering from an extreme Syphilitic mindset you need to look no further than Heath Ledger’s “Joker” in Batman: The Dark Knight.

With much love, until tomorrow.


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