Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Truth or Ignorance? That was the real question being posed in The Matrix, but unlike The Matrix it is not a one time only choice. You make it every day, often you are unaware of making the choice because it is easy to autopilot the normal choice you have always made. Changing the norm is not always an easy choice.

The hero in the movie when faced with his turn to ‘make the choice’ seems to understand intellectually that the red pill, though packaged with liberty, (the ultimate goal) tastes like crap, burns, cuts, isolates you and will make you suffer every imagined and unimagined horror. All along you know you are responsible for all this new personal suffering. The blue pill is packaged in slavery but its what you know, it is highly attractive, it supplies instant gratification and the best part, lack of accountability.

It’s easy to want the hero to choose the Red Pill. It would not have been much of a movie if he chose the blue one. It is easy to say we want the Red Pill ourselves but the reality is not so cut and dry. You see if we pick the Red Pill we have to keep picking the Red Pill over and over and over. We have to keep picking it when times get tough, when the ‘Oracle’ tells us we are not the one, when we are in despair.

What I wanted was a map of this land of accountability and liberty, I wanted to cut down on the amount of suffering I would face in choosing my path. I found it in the genius of Rudi Verspoor and Steven Decker who discovered Heilkunst hidden within the works of many great men who came before them. They distilled down and translated discoveries of a few great thinkers/scientists/philosophers and others who questioned what they had been told. Who chose the Red Pill though they were often vilified for it, some even murdered. This map allows for many opportunities to say ‘enough of the truth, I am okay with this amount of good and bad’. But it also allows for those who want to see how far the rabbit hole goes, to keep digging.

I am a digger, and so is Denis. We want more, we want to go as far as possible. When Denis asked to join me on this journey four years ago I warned him, it will change everything, you might lose everything and you will at times not like it. He wanted in on the ride. So we started at the beginning, diet. First you correct the regimen to remove symptoms of poor health that are caused by not taking care of your body correctly. Then we looked at our history of traumas, going over each big one to remove the shock of it, the impingement it left on our life energy. Then to the chronic miasms, the false beliefs and deeper and deeper the rabbit went.

All this hard work and we still find time for horsing around.


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