A Little of This and That

She’s made it off the bed, thank goodness we moved the mattress to the floor yesterday.

Lily’s crawling efforts have been improving dramatically and I had become a bit nervous that one day soon she was going to plop off the side when we were distracted for just a second to long. So we moved the mattress to the floor and today I hovered over her as she put first one hand then the other on the floor, she pulled and got her belly off without bumping her head! My nerves could not take the knees going off so I snuck in a bit of help. She is such a little thinker, she did not cruise off right away but felt the wood beneath her fingers, rocked a bit, looked around and waited until she found something she wanted to get. She has since been off the bed and back on a few times. She is getting it sorted, and fast!

As she is sorting so much of her world. She has this insatiable quest for information, such curiosity and a bit of crankiness when she is not able to get as much info/action as she wants. She watches everything we are doing, is starting to make her first mama sounds though it is not used to get my attention yet, she is simply finding her voice. Her sometimes very loud voice! She is currently on the floor with an empty bottle of water getting cranky because she wants the full bottle of water. However, her daddy took that one away when she drank so much she puked.

Our little chicks are also growing fast, one has a bit of a sore leg, from some research on the internet it seems it has probably twisted its leg, something time will fix. I offered a couple applicable homeopathic remedies for twisted joints and we will see if the little one heals quickly. I sure hope so, but for now I have named it Hoppy, as it travels more like a bunny than a chicken.

The plumbers came today! Hooray for hot water. What more can I say about that? 🙂

There is so much going on in the world, it seems like everything is on fast forward, I would have loved to have been able to be in a few countries this week, just sitting on couches offering support to those who have had heartache and pain. To make a few meals, run a few bubble baths and offer protection from the sometimes confusing world that can seem so unfair.

Grateful for my family and hot water tonight.


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