Get Rhythm

So all that power in me did not want to sleep until the sun was coming up.

Denis and I just shared a thought about how good we are at change but that we are knocked off rhythm’s easily. We can’t even keep to the tune of our favourite songs when they are playing. I have currently played Johnny Cash’s ‘Get Rhythm’ to inspire me. We get a good rhythm going and then it gets interrupted for some reason outside of us and like a bird our rhythm just flies out the window. This is not a new eureka moment but maybe, just maybe this time we will protect our good rhythms and let go of the others. A good rhythm is having clean nappies for our Lily all the time, with 14 that means almost daily washing so they have a full day to hang dry. Add a late washing to a rainy day and we are running into trouble.

Which reminds me, last nights interrupted rhythm started with Lily turning her evening cat nap into a sleep. I was unprepared, the bath water (still pot bathing) was heated and in the bathtub waiting for us to get in, she was nappy-less and I had not bothered to do my evening routine of hygiene. The first 30 minutes went by and I waited for her to wake, then and hour, and two and then at three hours (now 11:30pm) she reached up and touched my face. I gave her a cuddle and put her on the potty! We made it in time and within half an hour she was ready for bed… properly ready for bed. But not me, that plus my big day and chatting with a friend until 11pm had me watching the sun come up just after 5am.

One day of lost sleep is not the end of my productivity but I sure appreciated a couple naps with Lily today and I am looking forward to crawling into bed tonight. To find our rhythm again tomorrow. I think that will be my goal, to find the rhythm within the chaos. Teamwork is the way to go. Together we can do the work of 3, if we try it alone we are not very productive. Like right now I can only write because Denis is playing with Lily. Tomorrow I will help him by writing a letter, and he will play with Lily while I work on the computer updating files and organising our paperwork life. He will make me giggle and sit up straight. Together hopefully we will both get the nappies out on the line in time to have the day to dry.


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